Wednesday, August 26, 2009

:: it's not that bad ::

~ adly, aku, farris and wan ~

Salam to all my readers

finally, i manage to get myself free time and a virus-free-laptop to update about my practical days as a MLT trainee at HTJ
ohh, not to forget, i also manage to upload some photos for ur view
these pics were taken about a week ago
so u can see my latest pic, grumpy or a lil fat i should say

here a little snippets about what my practical is all about
i'm taking medical lab technology programme in UiTM Shah Alam and now, in sem 5 & 6, i'm currently doing my practical at Hospital Seremban, as an MLT trainee
here we are scheduled to work in 7 different labs
sume lab ade jangka masa la, cthnye, lab biochem 5 mggu, cytology 4 mggu etc..
we'll be here for 8 month (tolak sume cuti sem la hehehe..)
after finishing a certain lab, we have to rotate to the next lab
my first 6 weeks was in biochem lab, which is lab plg luas and plg byk modern and expensive machines
like i told u in my previous entry, my practical here are joined by other college, like IMR, MSU, PTPL and nursing students
the most recognizable students here are IMR students coz dowg pkai tudung kaler biru for junior and maroon for senior
yg len sume nmpk cm staff (ktowg laa hehe) and attendance pn ade gak

what the most exciting and unforgetable moments here are learning a lot of new things and meeting new and nice people
i already write about this in my previous entry so if u wanna read this, go and check my archive
at first, i thought practical is such a boring and unenjoyable thing but all my perceptions change 100% after i know this place
if u think working in a lab is boring, u actually get a wrong idea
but i admit it's a lil bit boring when u already know the flow of working here and when u don't have 6 piles of specimen but hey, there are friends and even staffs who can cheer u up..

now, i'm currently in Serelogy lab, which is in Microbiology department after completing my tasks at Biochem lab
although the staffs here are nice and i got new thing to learn but i'm missing the staffs at Biochem lab
they were a group of people who i met in my first week here, so, u know how it's like to be apart from them
hahahaha, jiwang karat plak!!
tp xpe, lab Microb ade akak2 lawa =)
test2 dia pn agak rumit to handle so it really gonna fulfil my time there
ala, lgpn still contact gak ngn lab Biochem coz sample2 sume sampai dari sne
so hari2 la tunjuk muka wlaupun da pgi lab lain

ahah, here are some pics uploaded just for u guys
it was my moments in biochem lab
enjoy viewing them

~ say peace!! ~

~ before tutorial with pegawai sains ~

~ lab biochem ~

~ biochem lab ~

~ biochem lab ~

~ girls from IMR : ain, kak hajar and aina ~

~ belek2 SOP utk case study =) ~

~ candid time!! ~

9 puji aku smart:

Just_najmiE said...

oh so chubby.. hehehe.. seb baik comel.. ;p

practical mmg best, dpt pengalaman dan kawan2 baru.. kan3?.. (^^,)

nizam baharin said...

apa keja kau eh sbnrnya?
epidemiologis ke? ahahhahahah

Judiene said...

Najmie ~ chubby?? agak r. comel?? i don think so.. :) practical best!

Ejam ~ pale hotak ko epidemiologis! hahahaha.. bkn r.. aku medical lab technologist.. heheheee... sure xphm.. :)

Ejay said...

kita serupa... kita serupa...
uhuk! uhuk!

EIPUL said...

wow, macam2 mesen ada.

haha. macam best pulak tgk ko praktikal. aku sem depan tak tau macam mana tah nanti.


Judiene said...

Ejay ~ hah?? ape yg serupa?? mmg r serupa kn sme2 manusia.. heeeeee :)

Eipul ~ hahaa, mmg best pn.. pe kte ko tkr kos, amek kos aku, then bleh dtg cni.. hahhaa!!

Kyreil said...

brpe org prac kt HTJ..
hri tu nmpk farez,wan kt s.alm..
prac baik2 naa..jgn malas2:p

yaziith su anaz said...

seronok ek camwhoring kat workplace.


lalink7 said...

amboi..ade akak-akak lawa sanggup ekk..
sabo kan aje la..lelaki semua begini ek:?
so notty..

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