Friday, August 7, 2009

:: akhirnya dia pergi jua.... ::

Salam to all my readers

firstly, Innalillah to my late grandpa, who passed away last monday
too bad i don't have his pic to be put in my blog
i dunno why but his death is so sudden
altho he's been diagnosed with, i dunno what his disease called but it has something to do with salur darah bengkak la, long time ago
my sis told me about this sad news when i went to her campus to get my phone
i was like "huh?really?why it happens so sudden.."
i'm blur

he's been diagnosed with this disease long time ago
since then, his voice hardly can be heard
he had a hard time trying to talk coz salur yg bengkak tu cm block kotak suara dia
whenever he had to say something, people will have to get closer to him
but still, he live his life like usual, like nothing happen to him
which make me feel pity

one thing about my grandpa that i admire is he was so popular (lOlz)
people at Tanah Merah know him very well coz according to ledeng, cehhh, my moyang ni cm one of the ancestor la kt Tanah Merah tu
cm ala2 wakil rakyat la
so people know him as well as his family, including my grandpa
no wonder there were so may crowd, attending his funeral
yes, seriously
bkn nk lagak or whateva, tp tu la org kte cre org beriman meninggal
bkn mati dlm keadaan gloomy ke or sorg2
i was so disapointed coz i didn't get the chance to go back to Kelantan

p/s ~ al-fatihah...

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im sorry~takziah~

sHaH said...

aku baru sedar..

Judiene said...

thanx guys
i really appreciate it

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