Friday, August 14, 2009

:: bullshit! ::

Salam to all my readers

basically, this is a merapu-rapu entry actually
i dunno what to write but at the same time i want my blog to be updated
so, i'm gonna write about what i've been doin' this past few weeks

so as u already know, i'm on my practical session since July
to be frank, the practical is not as hard as we thot before
it's fun and interesting instead as we learn new things
learn how to handle specimens and samples that come from all over the place
it's quite dangerous tough coz one mistake on handling them can cause ur life
not to mention learning how to operate the modern and expensive machines!
u know what guys, sometime i don't even know how to pronounce the name of the machine
silly me
but guys, i sometime do feel boring coz i tend to feel sleepy
dunno, maybe coz when we already know how to handle the thing, we don't take it seriously..

having a practical session with us are students from IMR and MSU
huhuhu, dowg la yg ktowg plg rapat
but all of them are girls
can u imagine, 4 of us with those girls! heaven! :)
they are all very nice and nice and nice and nice (ok, u got da picture!)
most of them are from IMR, about 20 of them
3 from MSU
i'm glad coz we all can be friends, and it's great to know that u have people who willing to help u and teach u even tho we just know
thanks guys for that!

and finally, the staff there
for ur information, we are divided into group of 2
farris n wan are placed in cyto lab and adly n i are in biochem lab
then we are goin to rotate the lab according to the schedule prepared by our supervisor
the staff there are all very nice too
ok, ada la gak yg berlagak tp most of them are very soft-spoken la
easy to work with them and they make us feel like home
ade yg smpai belanja makan la, share cite2 la
not to mention ade yg ajak bergosip psl2 doc2
xthn btol dowg ni, bley thn gile gak pale otak

we have 10 more weeks to finish our practical and i can't wait for the time to come
it's not bcoz i don't enjoy being there at the hospital tp agak meletihkan la
lbh2 lg kalo byk sample pd hari2 tertentu
but, whatever it is, i enjoy every seconds of being there
k, until then..

p/s ~ skrg ni musin H1N1.. so, don forget guys to wear mask whenever u step out of ur place.. heeee~

2 puji aku smart:

EIPUL said...

oh, best ek praktikal? aku ni pulak tgh risau, mana-mana tah aku kena pegi praktikal nanti. sem depan pulak tuh. Huahua

yaziith su anaz said...


babi merata rata.
kene tutup lobang hidong dimana jua kuberada.

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