Wednesday, June 17, 2009

:: if i'm not in MLT coarse.. ::

salam to all
hope u guys in a good mood to read my latest post
ok2, lets get str8 to da point

lately, i've been thinking..
wat coarse will i choose if i'm not in my current coarse, which is medical lab technology??
well, my passions are always to food, arts (dunno wat kind of art hehe) n....ermmm
ermm, to be frank guys, i dunno wat i wanna be n i dunno wat i wanna achieve in my life
its like theres no goal..
i know its hard to believe, i mean at this age, i still feel lost n still searching da reason i live in this world..

looking at my frens now, all of them are happy wif da way they live their lifes..
and speaking of which, i'm quite jealous of my friend, shazwan..
he's currently taking coarse in wat looks like to be my passion of all time - food!

~imagine dat he is me hehe~

to be frank, i rather take culinary coarse coz i like watching ppl prepare food coz it looks creative n very artistic..
that explain my likes on watching cooking shows.. :-P
my mom will always be my companion whenever i watch da cooking shows

to me, food is very unique to prepare
not only it requires skills, a creative mind are always matter
to me, the best part is when ppl feel good about da food dat i've prepared and they will ask me how do i do it..
i always imagined dat one day i'm gonna open a food franchise and my mom will be da chef there
and da franchise is all about Penang food (dats bcoz my mum is from penang)

but rite now,
i have to finish wat i've started
to be up there on da stage, wearing graduation robes n waiting to hold my degree in MLT
hopefully i manage to succeed all da way to the very end of my study
which is still a long journey to me..

~while sitting for microb final exam~

~~finger crossed~~

16 puji aku smart:

Fairuz Selamat said...

hurm... what a something confession..
dont worry dude.... maybe it is not ur passion rite...

but still, if u manage to be ok wit it..... it will give u more than whatu xpected...

plus.. u still can split ur sulf to do ur arts part. rite?

Dhada said...

Dhada turut ambil Culinary Arts :D

Eazy Izzuddin said...

like to be chef....

Judiene said...

Apai ~ bro, thanks for da advice, hehe.. i'm trying to enjoy wat i'm doin rite now and hopefully i can pursue it to da highest level.. hehe

Dhada ~ waaa, best tu.. jelez neh!!

Judiene said...

Eazy ~ kalo bleh nk gak la jd chef neh, tp tkot plak ngn pisau.. hahaha.. adoiiii!!

RoSe (^.^) said...

LoLs...X sangka Judien nak jd Chef...

Xpe...MLT pun ok what...Lgpun, maybe mmg bidang nie paling sesuai dgn Judien..tue tuhan bg Judien bidang nie...Don't regret anything k...Just try and have fun doing things...Then maybe you'll fine the silver lining in the end...

Akak dulu pun, semangat giler nak buat Aeronautik engineering...Giler2 semangat...Pilihan teratas dlm UPU and siap apply utk MIAT lg..Tp x dpt...

Dr dulu lg akak mmg x berminat nk jd doctor..Org lain semua semangat nk jd doctor akak nak jd pilot la, aeronautik engineer la,xpun marine conservationist...Sekali dpt course MLT yg berkaitan dgn perubatan...Sgt x kena..Tp tue la, mesti ada sbb nape akak dpt course nie..Sesunguhnye tuhan lebih mengetahui apa yg lebih baik utk kita...So just make the best out of it :)

Judiene said...

K.rOse ~ wahh, rjin btol k.rose menaip. hehe. nway, thanks a lot for da advices. i think ur rite, God knows wat da best for us. hehe. thanx again! ;D

Kotak Hati said...

my name appeared on ur post..
both of us know..
demn it..
both of us gonna b crazy!!!
gud luck wat eva u do..

Judiene said...

Wan ~ hey kids, u think ur da only one who crazy bout food, huh!? hehehe, mybe next time we can cook together.. hahaha!! u'll be my guest chef..

Duke Luce Dell'amore said...

hehehe..i like this entry..
i bru je grad my diploma in Culinary Art, but u know what??the best thing in that course is just kite leh mkn masakan yg kite wat scara percuma je..
tp klu kite masak xsedap,nk mkn jgk ke??n jgn ingat akan terlepas dr kritikan oleh lecturer..PEDIH tlinga wo klu kene maki just sbb mknn xsedap..

pling teruk adelah keletihan yg terpaksa ditanggung dr segi mental & fizikal.. u kene tahan tekanan & berdiri 6jam semata2 utk satu klas kitchen je.. HAZAB!

Judiene said...

Duke ~ really? so ur officially a chef now.. hehe.. i dunno man, i juz feel like i wanna cook n let ppl taste my cooking.. hehehe..

Duke Luce Dell'amore said...

i'm not a chef lor..
blum pandai pun msak lg..
i smbung degree plak pasni..culinary management..

Judiene said...

Duke ~ owhh, i thot u already a chef hehe..

Lilianna Mardiana said...

omg!! u can cook? i always envy guys yang boleh cook, sebab i girl pon setakat masak nasi goreng jek lepas, hahaha, yang lain semua lepas, tapi kat part tase tu tak pass, haha.:D

best of luck with your life, yeah... :D

Judiene said...

lilianna ~ hehe, actly, i juz know how to cook sumthing simple n easy je, kalo mknan yg ssh tu, mmg xreti laa.. ehehe!

HusNas said...

just like my elder bro~ k.hooz

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