Wednesday, June 24, 2009

:: Judiene's Secret ::

Salam to all my readers

first of all, sorry to Wan coz i couldn't find a free time to do his tag
why? why? why?
bcoz, i've been busying myself managing my brand new restaurant called 'Judiene's Secret'!
it's not a real restaurant tough, i play the Restaurant City game in facebook
this is one of the reasons why i like facebook now
there're so many games to play with

at first, i'm not really into this game as it looks like a kid game
it similar to The Sims
so, i thot it gonna be one stupid boring game
but guess what!
i'm addicted to it now
can't stop thinking how to keep my restaurant popularity
how to find great ingredients
and above of all, how to fight with my friends who already open their restaurants and succeed in their businesses
opss! did i said my friends?? it's actually my seniors!

~view of my restaurant~

the game is fun as u have to manage your own restaurant
u can hire your friend as your cook or your waiter
plus, the game keep testing my creativity on how to satisfy my customers and find the ingredients needed
but watch out guys!
the customers are the key to rise up the popularity of our franchise
so, serve them well!
i dunno when i wanna decorate my restaurant again
don have enough coins laaa..

come on guys, have fun with Restaurant City
make friends from all over the world
lebih2 plak!! :)

9 puji aku smart:

Dhada said...

Weeee mcm besh ja game tu tp dhada tade facebook :P

sHaH said...

macam best...
aku kalo leh wat real money, nak jek aku main...

Anonymous said...

xbape fhm la men ni..

sk lg men pet society..

yaziith su anaz said...


sukela sangat.

Duke Luce Dell'amore said...

i play that game too..
mine is Sari Mayang..hahaha..

Dana Telecom said...

You is same with me, I also like facebook for the sake of the game. ;))

Judiene said...

Dhada ~ tu la cik Dhada, ape lg, sign up la facebook.. hehehe..

sHaH ~ sedare syah, yg tu mmg aku pn sure join. hahaha.. xD

lionteen ~ xphm ke? meh msk kelas tutor sy. haha. xbese lg men game2 len. bru berjinak2 men game kt fb je ni. heheh..

Judiene said...

yaziith ~ hahahaha, besh2!

Duke ~ owh yeke? tggu kedatangan aku! hahaha..

Dana ~ wahh, we share same interest.

AuraFIza said...

game tu mmg best!

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