Monday, June 22, 2009

:: 1st time! (part 2) ::


it's not I Kissed A Girl song by Katy Perry ehh,
well, have u ever kicked a girl before?
if u don't, i tell u what it's like kicking a girl

**bling bling**

don be shocked ok guys
it's true but i have no idea why exactly i kicked da girl
i was not in da mood dat day
ohh, did i tell u guys dat i was a prefect back at primary school??

i dunno why i was moody
then, here came a girl
she was actly a very naughty and playful girl
she was really annoying (believe me!)
then, she yelled at me with my stupid nickname, which i hate soooo much when ppl call me dat

again, i dunno what i was doing at the time
but if i'm not mistaken, i was finishing my homework
at 1st, i didn't really care coz i was in a rush to finish my homework
but she didn't stop right there
she keep yelling at me with dat nickname
at that was the starting point where i felt like i wanna slap and kick her ass
i got up from chair
and without showing any sign, i walked towards her and hell yeah da incident happened!
i kicked her at her stomach

i wasn't really look to my surrounding when i realized dat all eyes were on me
all jaws were open coz they were shocked by how crazy i was, kicking a girl like that
but i didn't care with all da eyes
i went to the toilet and when i went back to the class, i saw her friends comforting her and she was crying so hard but who cares
i was soooo angry as i felt like wanna kick her again

suprisingly, all my classmates just stood there and do nothing
they don't even report to my class teacher
mybe my position as a prefect make them think twice about repoting the case
and the rest were history!!!

**bling bling**

ok, back to the reality
the incident took place about 10 years ago
when i was in standard 5
when i think about it, i feel great instead of regret
i mean, i was angry so it wasn't a stupid thing to do laa at that moment
after all, we've been quarelling since standard 3

u know what da funniest thing?
altho we like to say bad things to each other
people around us think we make a good couple
yucks! hell not!
'judin and ???' 'judin and ???'
i'm sick of listening to the song people created for us

but now, both of us headed to a different way
it's been ages since da last time i saw her
i dunno what happen to her now
mybe she is happy with her life rite now

p/s ~ i dunno whether u guys cud understand my story since i'm not very gud at it.. hehehe

13 puji aku smart:

yaziith su anaz said...


by dat time,
people can still accept it.

tapi kalo ko buat semalam,
memang ah...

Anonymous said...

sian girl 2 kan..hehe

MISZ NaNa said...

wow! dahsyatnye kamoo dulu2

Just_najmiE said...

OMG, you kicked a girl?!!..
bad bad guy lah!.. don't do that nemore okies?.. (^^,)

but then again, it was when you were a kid so I guess it's acceptable..

I myself have kicked a guy during my standard years, darjah 3 kot.. gila gangster dlu.. but now I'm more feminine.. lol!!

cool walk down memory lane!..
very enjoyable!

Judiene said...

Yaziith ~ yup, if i do dat with i'm being a 20-years-old boy, i'm totally unforgivable..

Lionteen ~ ksian ke? emmm, i don think so. hehehe.. ktowg kuat gado la dlu..

Misz Nana ~ mmy dasyat pn. gangster dlu2 taw. tp skrg da control r. hehehe..

Najmie ~ hey, we both have a lot in common! hehe..

mEiZ AraNda said...

u kick a gurl???

seb baek kecik lagi time tu.....:)
dasyat laa u bro!!

sHaH said...

kat pompuan lak tu..

jgn sepak2 lagi tau...
tak elok..
ilang macho tu karang..

Judiene said...

mEiZ AraNda ~ hahaa, mmg i dasyat dolu2.. skrg da xde dah cm2.. hihihi :)

sHaH ~ haha, ganas tu zaman dolu.. skrg da xsepak org dah.. btol2, nnt ilang macho!

Charymien said...

you're so ganas la.. haha ;p
i feel sorry for the girl though..

Kotak Hati said...

weh judien aku balas tagg ko tu..hu3
jwb taw

Eazy Izzuddin said...

you kicking are girl?
nice la pic tu

Judiene said...

Charymien ~ yup, dlu i mmg ganas, btw, she deserves it. hahaha..

Eazy ~ hahaha, thanx.. err, pic mne yg nice tu?

Anonymous said...

slalu gado nnti,org ckp,die tu la psgn u nnti..hehehe

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