Saturday, June 20, 2009

:: 1st time! (part 1)::

salam to all my readers!
this post is basically about me doin' something for the 1st time
lets recall my memories shall we??

**blink blink**

i'm not really pleased when entering my high school days coz i really hate being send to hostel as i'm not really an independent guy
at first, everything was odd and hard for me
especially in making new friends
i'm suck at this u know
it was awkward when i had to smile n pretend to be a friendly guy, hoping that people wud come and befriends with me

~outside of girls hostel~

next challenge dat i had to face was food challenge!
da food prepared by the 'makcik2' soooooo xsedap!
i only ate about 2 times a day - breakfast and lunch/dinner
i had to buy cookies or breads (extra food) from outside
so that i wouldn't starve to death!

then, weekend approaced.
i have to wash my own clothes.
its fine to me, but, there were no proper place to do so
u know, sometimes i had to 'cangkuk' or sit on the floor,
brushing da clothes - helplessly
thank god those days are gone

as i'm the eldest in my family, so, i have to encounter all da difficultist alone, without refering to anyone but my seniors
unlike those who has brothers or sisters, they can ask them at home
but to me, my hostel is my home
i only had seniors at that time
pretty hard!
that was what i said when i learned the subjects for the first time

for ur information guys, i'm 'allergic' to numbers
i hate numbers
that's why i don't watch Numbers at AXN!
and that's also why i had major troubles when it comes to addmath, physics and chem
i always thot that people who creates all those 3 subjects is crazy!
coz they make me crazy trying to solve da probs
again, wtf!!

~~to be continued~~

10 puji aku smart:

strewberimanes said...

mengimbau kenangan lampau yg penuh dgn keindahan =)

faraa said...

fuhh.ur blog ni sgt la meriah, i dunno where to start n read.
btw, thanks for the cmment at my blog. :)

peridot sepi said...

jangan lupa amik award kat blog sy..

Dhada said...

Alergic to numbers ? Haha alasan malas nk kira-kira :P

Duke Luce Dell'amore said...

hahaha...bleh plak marah kt pencipta fizik,kimia & add math??

i pun suck in numbers but i enjoy it..

Judiene said...

strewberimanes ~ [mood - senyum2 sorg2 smbil tulis entry neh]

faraa ~ thanx atas pujian itu, hehehe.. mybe u can start from da beginning.. hehe

wyza ~ award?? ohh, thanx a lot.. i like!

Judiene said...

dhada ~ cik dhada, btol jwpn anda. 100 markah! hehe..

Duke ~ hahaha, coz they made me suffered back at high skul, but, i enjoyed it toO!

Anonymous said...

xsuke duk hstel..
1st time duk hstel time kat mtrik..

Judiene said...

lionteen ~ hahaha, tp i enjoy dok hostel u know, entry ni my feeling mse 1st time je, skrg da ske dah.. eheheh!

aSNi FaRisyA said...

hi judiene... =)
jz nk ckp, i love watching Numbers kt AXN tuh..
haha =D
hepi blog walking~

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