Saturday, August 13, 2011

:: Teaching UPSR candidates ::

Salam to all readers.

There is something apart from myself telling me that I wanna be an educator when I grow up. The funny thing is, I haven't aware of this until I realize how tough this world can be if you don't have solid vision in life and that happen after I graduated from high school. My mom had told me hundreds of time to enrol in any Institut Perguruan in Malaysia but I refused because I thought being an educator was not going to make me rich. That was because I didn't see the big picture and now, I kinda regret for not following her advice.

So, after all this years, an opportunity to become an educator suddenly reappeared and came to me. My former headmistress had invited me and my friends to be Assistant Teacher (not teachers' assistant) for a day and obviously it involved teaching. The objective of this program is to help students who has not doing a good job with Maths and give them a personal tutor. 10 volunteers, including me, had joined the program the students seemed delighted to see their seniors and shared some of our stories during our days in the school with them. 

We were sitting opposite them, on the stage, beautifully decorated and introduced ourselves one by one as well as telling them the proper way of studying and how to focus in the Maths subject. To be honest, I was quite nervous talking in front of them, mostly because I didn't expect to give a speech. I thought we were gonna come and just get into the class but apparently not. I tried to crack a few jokes but I thought I was making fool of myself. After a terrifying welcoming speech, we helped the teachers giving out questions papers and walked around the hall to see if somebody needs our help. A student suddenly called upon me. I walked toward him and asked what he didn't understand. To my surprise, he actually couldn't read, let alone to count. 

 ~ The UPSR candidates ~

 ~ Me and my friend standing in front of a class ~

I didn't panic, astonishingly, and thought to myself, it's time to get my hand dirty. I taught him to understand what's the question want and I taught him how to count. Seriously, it was like teaching a kindergarten student. When I let him do the next question, he was struggling with the words. I saw him staring at the question paper and I was touched. To see him in that state, few months before the UPSR exam was really unbelievable. Don't know how he's gonna pull it off during the exam. I wish him good luck. He really needs it.

To me, this experience is priceless. Not only is it brought memories but also it motivated me in some kinda ways. I really wanna help them but we were running out of time and hope that the teachers could do something like this more often. I wanna give back to the school which has make me a person I am today.

 ~ my former classmates posing in front of our class ~

 ~ With the teachers and the Head of Students ~

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