Thursday, August 4, 2011

:: Segmen | Singgah Sahur Pucukandubi ::

Salam to all my readers.

This morning, I blogwalked after finished cleaning the house as my mom had asked me to do so last night. I stumbled upon a blog called Pucukandubi, owned by, quite a famous blogger I must say, referring to his amount of followers. Done reading few entries of his, including the latest segment hosted by him named Singgah Sahur Pucukandubi. Click on the banner below to go straight to this segment.

As I viewed at the contestants, well, they are not really contestants because this is not a contest, the bloggers who have joined the segment, there are like 70++ of them, indicating how famous this blogger is. Because I want to be apart of his big community, I have followed him. Okay, back to the segment. Basically, we don't have to complete a slogan or anything, simply just write a few lines regarding the segment and you're done. Your blog will make into the list anytime soon.

Later, he will make a review on your blog and that is so interesting because it is one of the ways to let people know about your blog and also, we might find new friends along the way. Well, if he is gonna make a review on my blog, I will be like, so humble because, I don't know what he will be writing about my blog. You see, my blog doesn't have like, a concept or a theme to write about. I just write what I feel like to at a certain moment. My blog is a rojak blog.

So, hope I will make into the list. To the Mr. Ame, have fun reading my blog.

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