Sunday, August 21, 2011

:: Source of pride ::

Salam to all my readers.

This past few weeks, I had encountered so many people who uploaded the stuffs they bought from their shopping spree. With Hari Raya is around the corner, the number of people who is doing that is skyrocketing. 

If a person uploaded a photo or video of her wearing a different style of hijab, maybe she wants to share with the world on how to wear them. If someone published photos of a model taken by them, maybe they wanna share their talent and look for potential client. But what happen if someone who just got home from the mall, take a picture of stuff they bought and purposely upload it (or them) for people to see? I don't think the intention was to give guidance for public to shop. 

Don't expect to see paper bag from Jusco or Pacific in picture they have uploaded coz all you're gonna see are stuffs from for example, Zarra, Topman, Jefferson or any other famous, exclusive and expensive brands. After a minute or two, people will start commenting on the picture, praising you for how rich you are to be able to buy all the branded things and it makes me sick when they try to act all innocent and reply, "Ala, biase biase je ni." when the actual thing they wanna say is "Yeah, I am damn rich!". Even though they claim they're not boosting with pride, at some extent, it will come out sooner or later.

~ The real photo taken from his Facebook ~

There is another thing that got me blurting all the harsh words whenever I see theirs photos. I call them as anak ikan or money boy since they constantly receive expensive gifts from whom they call as brothers. I quite close with one of these people and I know, being a full-time student (or maybe not full time in his case) and still getting money from his parents, there is no way he can afford all that plush stuffs. Every now and then, he'll post a photo of a gift from one of his 'brothers' and caption it with, again, modesty when all his feeling is high-pride.

Well, maybe that's how they chose to live their life. I have no right to say anything to them but like I said, it's really annoyed me when all I wanna do is checking my Facebook latest status and their photos suddenly appeared on my wall. I can't stand people like this, dang it! I'm sorry if any of you feel offended by what I write but this is something that I would call, straight from the heart. Sometime, there's thing that need to be kept low-profile.

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