Friday, August 5, 2011

:: Hitting Bazaar Ramadhan ::

Salam to all my readers.

Lets face it, who is going to be richer the moment Ramadhan draws the curtain down? The answer is the hawkers that responsible for giving you all sort of ready-to-eat food at the bazaar Ramadhan. Every year during this fasting season, people will be more fascinated about where the bazaar will be open up or is it gonna be big like last year or I hope the one who sold ayam percik last year will be selling it this year.

I'm not saying it's wrong to go to the bazaar or anything, it's one of the must-go places during Ramadhan, other than the masjid of course. The bazaar is the alternative way for people to look for their juadah berbuka if their mothers or their spouses are busy and unable to cook for the particular day. Everyone loves to go there, myself included BUT as for me, I go there ONLY if there is no source of food for me to break my fast. Like when I was studying in Seremban last two years, me and my friends often go to the bazaar only because we didn't have the tools for cooking and if we did have, we didn't know how to cook like our mothers do. So, the last resort was, going to the bazaar.

This year, I've got the chance to spend the whole Ramadhan at home and so far, it has been a bless. Been able to sit down and enjoy the meal during berbuka and bersahur with family is a moment you can't get anywhere else. One thing that I really admire about my mother is, she likes to cook for family and we don't have to go to the bazaar anymore since she can cook pretty much everything that is being sell at the bazaar. Well, not all at once of course. My mother is the best! Love you mom! :)

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