Tuesday, August 2, 2011

:: The final Harry Potter craze ::

Salam to all my readers.

I know it's kinda late and I'm sure some of you are already sick of reading about Harry Potter stuffs but don't worry, I'm gonna make this entry simple and short. Well, if I can.

I just watched Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2, in my room, alone, away from any distractions. All I can say is, I'm so glad that I didn't catch the movie in cinema. I'm not complaining, I'm expressing my gratitude to God that have made me realize that I should watch it alone. It is because, there are a lot of scenes in the movie that can make me yell Accio handkerchief or Accio tissue. Some guys might not gonna admit the fact that the movie brought them to tears but I'm gonna come clean and say yes, I did shed tears.

It is unsurprisingly that watching final installment of Harry Potter can make my eyes watery, especially at the scene where Professor Snape was dying after been attacked by Nagini and he asked Harry to collect his memory that subsequently brought me to tears, again, during the scene where Dumbledore was talking to Snape about the plan and where Snape admitted to have affection on Harry. While I was reading the book, the story already moved me and I was like, lying on bed, thinking what would David Yates do to make this scene alive and to make the audience feel the sadness that I'd felt. And yes, David did it.

The war between the good and the bad people is so amazing but I wish David could elaborate more on Professor McGonagall fighting scene coz I think she truly deserves the spotlight moment as she is likely to be the next headmistress of Hogwarts. Also, the ending, after Harry had killed Voldermort and entered the Great Hall, everybody seemed to not realize the impact of the death of The Dark Lord. I wish if, maybe the students and the teachers could go, like cheering Harry up or Professor McGonagall hugging Harry or something. But hey, I'm really happy the way everything turn out to be. This is an incredibly amazing piece and despite the changes that I have suggested, it couldn't get better than this. 

~ The iconic death scene of Professor Snape ~

~ Professor Snape ~

I'll definitely miss Harry Potter, I mean the books, the movies and the craze the franchise has created. Truth to be told, I bid farewell to the boy with the lightning-bolt scar two years ago, when I finished reading the final chapter of the final book. But you know, it's never easy to say goodbye. 

~ I'll miss this three companion dearly ~

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