Monday, August 15, 2011

:: I'm not famous, I'm okay ::

Salam to all my readers.

There is a few questions asked by Anonymous (actually I know who they are but I choose not to reveal their identities) about what is the reason I blog and what did I get from blogging because according to these observers, they look at me as a decadent blogger, whose blog doesn't give anything but wasting of time.

Well, honestly people, when I first started out in this blogging world, I didn't even know there is a vlogger or nuffnang or whatever it is that famous bloggers usually have on their blogs. I was just someone who likes to write about anything, mostly crappy stuffs, and wanted to improve my English thus I chose English as the medium.

I am aware that I am not as lucky as those famous bloggers are, who got famous instantly after posting two to three entries, or having their videos watched by millions of people. I don't get a lot of cash out of Nuffnang, I don't have thousand of followers and most importantly, I don't have a fan page. I'm just a blogger who writes about stuff and never involved in any event created and organized by bloggers. Maybe the fact that I live outside of KL makes me hard to join. 

So, to make thing short and simple, I'm happy with my life right now. Even though people don't recognize me as people do to Anwar Hadi or Hanis Zalikha, I'm fine with that. Whatever it is, I do have a dream to see my blog become a must-read blog one day and people will be like "Have you read the latest article on Judiene's Soul?" "Yeah, I've read it 3 times already." Haha. InsyaAllah.

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