Sunday, February 6, 2011

:: Judiene's Hitz ::

Salam to all my readers.

Thanks to those who have sending their soothing words to comfort me, either via blog comments or via facebook, I really appreciate it. I know it is kind of girlish to whining and talking about stuff that I wrote in my previous entry but you guys made me feel like I'm not alone. Thanks again. I hope I could start all over again and forget about the past, if God willing.

Okay, lets change the topic shall we? Because I have lots of things to do today before tomorrow as I will be back to Puncak Alam by tomorrow morning so I'm gonna keep this entry short and simple. I have a list of addictive songs I want to share with guys. There are new and old songs, all mix together and become one hits called Judiene's Hitz. Haha. The songs that are included in Judiene's Hitz are listed below. I don't know about you guys but I find these songs so soothing and relaxing. Take a look.

  1. Lionel Richie - Hello
  2. Lady Gaga - Summerboy
  3. Crystal Bowersox - Farmer's Daughter
  4. Shane Filan - Beautiful In White
  5. Jamie Scott and The Town - When Will I See Your Face Again
  6. Shayne Ward - Until You
  7. Mandy Moore - Extraordinary
  8. Paloma Faith - New York
  9. Nicole Scherzinger - Poison
  10. Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath
  11. Leon Jackson - Creative
  12. Joe Brooks - Superman
  13. A1 - Don't Wanna Lose You Again
If you notice, I don't list down songs from my favorite singer David Archuleta and Celine Dion because to me, all of their songs are great! Haha. Anyway, I hope you guys like these songs and I highly recommended you all to try listen to them. This is apart of who I am in music.

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