Sunday, February 13, 2011

:: I suck at the first date! ::

Salam to all my readers.

Ahh (sniffing fresh air).

Now I know what it is like to have all your stuffs get hold of yourself. Last week was quite a hectic week for me. Didn't get enough sleep for 3 days straight and I didn't even get the chance to pamper myself. I was kinda lousy in appearance and only God knows how much I wanted that week to end.

But now, I'm free. Yay! But not officially free coz I got test to attend tomorrow. Hahaha. Believe me, it's not I'm lazy to study but the subject is kinda boring and I want to make myself clear that we, medical students cannot go well with laws. Law-related subject is not for us. When we first attended the class, we were like, 'wtf are we listening to?', coz ohh, I rather take Tamil class than this one, seriously.

Hey, I have a question here that require your opinions and thoughts. You see, I have this low-self esteem issue going on inside of me. I'm not really an outdoor guy, meaning that I rarely make new friends and get social with them. I just have my friends here in Puncak Alam so whenever people whom I never met wants to see me, I will get nervous and anxious. I'll start to think of the day I'm going to meet the person, what I'm going to wear and what I'm gonna do with he/she on that particular day. My friends told me that I should be natural and just let it flows but it is a first meeting to I want people to have a good impression on me. Remember guys, first impression is always important.

Things get worst if the person I'm gonna meet is those who are born with golden spoon in their mouths. I'm easily feel intimidate or overawe by what they gonna wear, are they gonna be like those celebrities on the TV, you know, things like that. For example, you and your new friend are hungry and want to get something to eat. Your friend want to go to this super-high class restaurant which you will never ever go in there unless it is a treat from someone. You can easily said the theory that you will tell them the truth that you're not comfortable eating here or the place is not suitable for commoners like you but, when it comes to practical approach, it can get a little awkward. Trust me, I've been there before.

From this long funny story of mine I think you already know what my question will be right? So, if you got something to share, kindly click the comment button and write as long as you want. Hehe. I'm sure my readers are all intelligent and creative so there is must be something you wanna say about this. Please, do share. Until then, ciao!

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