Tuesday, December 8, 2009

:: wtf! i love the hair-do! ::

Salam to all my readers

you know what, Allah cipta kita manusia neh, muka, personaliti kita sume, dah elok dah. what i'm trying to say is, no need to get boobs job done or any other cosmetic surgery. dah la mahal. bleh mati pn ada. well, kalo yg suntik collagen ke, vitamin ke, no comment. but i think no need la, just take care of yourself traditional way. better right. with all the herbs and other supplement that we need, to slowdown the ageing problem.

ohhh, i really wish that it was me who said something nice like above. but the truth is, arghhhh, i'm the one who feel that stupid, shitty feeling. you know, the feeling when you look at someone who got great hair-do, nice clothes, macho or good-looking face, well toned body, that kind of feeling. i know i sound totally lame and wierd pn ada gak but that's the fact that i can't avoid. man, it's killing me slowly.

i always went like, "ohh my, what a great hair", "wtf, i love that jeans", "jeles gler tgk baju dia" and lot lot lot of crappy things i said when i look at someone who got those things. it's not like i'm grateful for what i have, we're human right, so, it can't be avoided. org cakap, kalo nak rasa bersyukur, tgk lah pada mereka yg kurang berkemampuan dari kita, mereka2 yg kurang upaya. if we compare to people who are wayyyy better than ourselves, you'll never find that grateful feeling.

~ motif letak pic ni?? ~

the great things to people who are very good looking, rich and intelligent, these people will not find it hard to live. for examples, kalo nak berkawankan, of coz, ramai yg nak berkenalan. tak payah susah2 nak introduce theirselves la, tersengeh2 nak berkawan ngn org la. my theory also can be applied in love. kalo ko smart, damn handsome, bijak, ko tggu je, for sure akan ada la yg dtg menyapa. selain perilaku yg baik, having those characteristics in you really gonna help you out. same goes to women.

~ he's one of the good-looking guy that i like to see. look at his hair and his body ~

but up until now, i'm very grateful of what i am. of coz ada certain things yg nak kena touch up sket, cthnye, body nak kena tambah muscle sket, muka nak kena jaga, lose some weight. hey, if guys find it poyo for me to say like this, say what you want coz i'm not embarrass to admit it. it'd be great if someone walk pass you, and turn their head back on you. haha. what a accomplishment. if i manage to get a muscular body, no need to find changing room whenever i go for shopping. you have it, flaunt it. hahaha. dang it i sound stupid!

but, whatever it is, i still feel great being me. like i said earlier, Allah cipta semua manusia tu sama shj. sume ada baik buruknya stp kejadian. last but not least, to Najmie, not all good-looking guys are gay. hahaha!!

p/s ~ video klip Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me, damn, they're cute together!!!

32 puji aku smart:

Just_najmiE said...

wahahahaha, my name besar gila! siap link lg tuh.. hehe.. yea2, i know now, not ALL good looking guys are gay.. =P

Anonymous said...

xperlu lah nk suntik sn sini..
bersyukur je la kan..
biase la..
mnusia mmg ade prasaan jeles bile nmpk yg lebey dr kite kan..
msti kite pun se nk ikut cam die gak..
leh je ikut..
tp jgn lnggar syarak la kan..

yaziith su anaz said...

u kene nasihat pam anderson.


Primadona69 said...

"not all good-looking guys are gay.."
kamu kah yg dimaksudkan itu?

p/s:sy tanye tentang 'GOOD-LOOKING GUYS'..
bkn 'GAY' itu..;p

Razman said...

"~ he's one of the good-looking guy that i like to see. look at his hair and his body ~"

aku rasa ko gay..haha

Judiene said...

Najmie ~ saje la besarkan nama tuh, promote lebih la sikit. ahahahahaha. just joking la.

Judiene said...

Lionteen ~ yup, you're absolutely right. =)

Judiene said...

Yaziith ~ she's not Islam la my dear. kalo yg bkn islam mmg tak bleh nk cakap ape la.


Judiene said...

Primadona69 ~ haha, kalo u baca entri sebelum ni maybe lebih memahami. hehe.

yg psl tu, bkn i yg kate, org lain kate..hahahaha!

Judiene said...

Razman ~ wow, slow your row man, dasyat btol statement ko tuh. haha.

what i really mean is, his style, his looks, membuatkan ramai lelaki yg jeles. sape tak jeles tgk org mcm Beckham tu. he got everything.

FaMouS said...

haha, cant denied.... but kalau u x cantik or handsome mcm brad pitt and angelina jolie... dont worry... jodoh ada di mana2...

a.t.O.k.c.o.0.L said...

razaman memang fak.
bwk mulut longkang die kemane die gi.

ouh btw, mmg x sume gud looking guys are gay, but mostly of them are.x gay pon, mesti men taram je sume.paham?

riBEna said...

ske gak dga lagu taylor swift tuuuuu

StrewberiManis =) said...

not all good looking guys are gay
trust me

and also tak good looking pon ada gak yang gay
its very subjective issue

wahh no comment la.. subjective wooo
hiksss =P

Judiene said...

Famous ~ yup, jodoh dan kematian di tangan Tuhan. ehehehehe.

Judiene said...

Atok ~ hahaha, aku paham sungguh dgn ayat ko tuh. ramai gak yg mentaram je, especially kalo yg dah putus asa coulpe ngn pompuan! ;P

Judiene said...

Ribena ~ wah, lama btol tak komen kt sini. hehehehe. yup, she's rock country chick! love her!

Judiene said...

StrewberiManis ~ i wrote like 6 paragraphs and you guys just focus on the last part?? i never thought it gonna cause controversy..

you taknak komen?? dear, you just did! :P

Ejay said...

aku sokong 100%...!!

Judiene said...

Ejay ~ bro, which one you sokong?? ehehehe

chokio_nia said...

wah2..mesti ko slalu g gym kan??tol tak??lol

Judiene said...

Chokio_nia ~ takde g gym la. aku ada pasaan malu g gym sorg2. lgpn takde kwn nak ajak kat sini. huhuhu.

Dr. Darren said...

hey judiene, u r not alone. i pun sll gak ader feelin cam tuh. anyway, just make it simple. jadikan sumer tuh inspirasi for u to upgrade urself to be a much better person.

bg i lak skrg nih i still study so i xpandang sumer tuh. then bila time i dah keje nnt, kmpl duit byk2, pi workout, shoppin sumer baju yg damn hot n yes, u r rite. if u got it, flaunt it! yeah! haha ;)

i'msosupernotcool said...

all gud lookin guy are not gay..
gud lookin boy are..
wtf i mambling bout..

Just_najmiE said...

oh ya, I forgot to say, not every good looking guys are gay, but they usually are..


Judiene said...

Darren ~ dude, thanx for baking me up. i agree with you. bila dah keje nnt, baru pgi workout and all the stuffs.

i like the last part, if got it, flaunt it! hahaha!

Judiene said...

I'msosupernotcool ~ again, why you guys keep focusing on the last part of my entry? hahaha. so controversy.

dude, i got what you're trying to say. hehehe.

Judiene said...

Najmie ~ ok girl, i know what you're trying to say. don't worry, we got it. hehehe. chill! :)

f.a.r.a.h said...

huh! david beckham mmg hensem. ;p

btw judiene. just be urself.
xpayah kisah org lain.
u da ok da pon.

Judiene said...

Farah ~ I da ok? hah? ape? tak paham r. ape maksudnye tuh. :P

[z@ck] said...

aku sll iri hati tgok perempuan kulit cantik..

Judiene said...

z@ck ~ hey, remember this, you're not the only one who feel that. ehehehehe. ;P

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