Thursday, October 20, 2011

:: X-Factor USA Top 17 ::

Assalamualaikum to all my readers.

The result is finally in. The judges has decided on who's going to the Live Show and the some of them are deserved to picked and even though I agree with most of the judges' pick, I was kinda surprised for The Girls category. I'm not saying that I'm better than Simon Cowell coz I will be a freakin' ass hole if I say that but I don't know. I just feel like there's someone else (read: Jazzlyn Little) who deserve the final spot.

Oh, speaking about surprised, I don't know what Nicole thinks when she say no to Elaine Gibbs and choose Dexter Haygood instead. I mean, for real, this guy!? He'll make a good entertainment value but to be a serious singer and make it in the business, I think Elaine Gibbs has more chance to do that. She might look boring to some people but when it comes to the best voice, I think Dexter is no match to Elaine. To me, she's a soul diva on the show. Tsk. I feel bad for her. Hope someone sees her talent and sign her up for a record deal.

~ Elaine Gibbs ~

Thank God Simon brought back Melanie Amoro into the competition. To be honest, I don't think Simone Battle deserves the spot at the Live Show. Malanie is wayyyyyyyy better and I wouldn't bother to watch this season if Melanie is not competing. For your information peeps, the judges are gonna eliminate one contestant from each of the category (for The Girls, it will be two contestants) at the Live Show 1 and I hope Simone and Tiah Tolliver are the one to go home. 

Okay, enough of whining. Now lets see who the judges have picked as their acts.

 The Girls: Simon Cowell
- Melanie Amaro
- Drew Ryniewicz
- Tiah Tolliver
- Simone Battle
- Rachel Crow

The Boys: L.A. Reid
- Brian Bradley
- Chris Rene
- Marcus Canty
- Philip Lomax 

The Over 30s: Nicole Scherzinger
- Dexter Haygood
- Stacy Francis
- Josh Krajcik
- LeRoy Bell

The Groups: Paula Abdul
- The Brewer Boys
- InTENsity
- Lakoda Rayne
- The Stereo Hogzz

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