Tuesday, October 18, 2011

:: X-Factor updates: Live Show 2 and The Judges' House ::

Assalamualaikum to all my readers.

It's a bit late but I don't promise you guys to give the commentary on time right? I am nothing compare to people who study music or those who has knowledge regarding this thing but this comment or opinion is from someone who has no talent in music but love watching singing reality TV shows. 

X-Factor UK

I was expecting something big from my favorite acts and I wasn't impress with Craig's performance. He has a massive voice but the song he chose to sing didn't really expose his great talent. He didn't blow me away like he did on Live Show 1. It was an okay performance to me and I really really hope that Gary can work on choosing the right song for him for Gary has experience in this business.

On the high note, I was happy to see Sami, Misha, Janet and The Risk performances. The Risk did something new to Bruno Mars's Just The Way You Are song and all four of them sounded like they had been together for years. Gary Barlow even said that it was 'pure class'. Great chemistry. Sami sang I Will Always Love You, Misha sang Would I Lie To You and Janet gave justice to Elvis's Can't Help Falling In Love With You song.

X-Factor US

To be honest, I think the category that is gonna bring quite a competition is Over 30s and The Girls, if only Elaine Gibbs and Stacy Francis (Over 30s) and Melanie Amaro (The Girls) are through to Live Show. I tell you guys, these three super talented singers are gonna bring the show down with their performances. For The Boys category, I hope L.A. Reid can do something about them coz I don't see anyone who can beat this three women if people are gonna vote based on talent alone. 

I have nothing to say for The Groups category coz it's still not clear which group got the potential to be the next big boyband and I feel like, Paula Abdul should be thinking about her plan to make sure that the girlband curse from the UK version of this show is not gonna come over here. Other than that, lets see who our judges choose to be competing in the Live Show. I can't wait to see the result.

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