Tuesday, October 11, 2011

:: X Factor - The updates ::

Assalamualaikum to all my readers.

The X Factor UK has finally started off its Live Show last week and 16 contestants had been chosen to perform on Live Show 1 before each person from each category is eliminated to make the final cut from 16 to 12. Last week performance was, to me, amazing and most of them look like they're ready to take this challenge on to the next level. 

I was disappointed when my favorite boy band, The Keys didn't make it through but apparently Tulisa had made quite a big decision at the Judges' house to break the group apart and take the lead singer, Charlie, to be combined with 3 other contestants who auditioned in solo category but didn't manage to pass to the Judge's house. The newly created group is named as The Risk. 

My favorite so far are Sami Brookes (Over 25s) , Misha B and Janet Devlin (the Girls), Craig Colton (the Boys) and The Risk (the Groups). All of them had made me proud to be their fan especially Craig because his rendition of Jar Of Hearts was so in-freakin-sanely uhh-mazing and he melted my heart by his singing. I'm not making a fuss or anything but check this out yourself if you think I'm just talking shit. Others performances was okay to me, especially Nu Vibe which also a last-minute formed group and I don't understand what is so fantastic about this group. 

~ Click on this picture to watch his performance ~

If you're wondering which judges mentor which group, wonder no more coz I'm about to tell you guys. Gary Barlow got the Boys, Tulisa got the Groups, Kelly Rowland is ecstatic to get the Girls while Louis is mentoring the same category as the last series of X Factor, which is Over 25s.

X Factor US

Here is a lil update from The X Factor US. All of the judges has received their category to be mentored and below is the list.

  • Simon Cowell - The Girls
  • Paula Abdul - The Groups (Her look when she was giving this news is priceless. LOL)
  • Nicole Scherzinger - Over 30s
  • L.A. Reid - The Boys
The category that I'm looking forward to see are The Girls coz I think most of the contestants chosen to go to the Judges' house are so talented and Simon might have to decide carefully on who he is gonna choose as his final 3 contestant. 

That's all for now peeps. Until then.

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