Friday, October 21, 2011

:: House robbery ::

Assalamualaikum to all my readers.

One thing that people need to get used to if they are residing in Puncak Alam is hearing a lot of burglary cases. There has been so many cases reported for the last 2 months and since the housings here are located at the remote area, the burglars seem to see this as an golden opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

Me and my friends, we rent a house at Perumahan Alam Suria and our house happen to be at the last row of the housing area, which famously known for having many robbery cases. The recent case was reported, a couple of weeks ago, if I'm not mistaken. As I'm typing this entry (at 12.15 am, Friday), my housemates, together with the Rukun Tetangga here are searching for the burglars, that has been seen by the watchmen running from somewhere.

One of my neighbors said that they had tried to go after the robbers but the drizzling rain and the dark of the night made it hard to see. I am not sure how the robbers look like but it is said that they were teenagers, maybe Indonesian teenagers I don't know, and that they had tried to break in to one of the houses here, twice but failed. It's 12.55 am right now and they are still searching for the culprits. 

I got a news from my friends, saying that my neighbor's son had been beaten up by the robbers last night. More updates coming up.

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