Thursday, October 27, 2011

:: Contest DANIEL ADIE: SISPA ::

Assalamualaikum to all my readers.

~ The contest banner ~

This is a last minute participation for Daniel Adie's SISPA Contest and honestly I didn't even feel like participating at first but then I'm stuck with no entries so I've decided to try my luck. Don't get me wrong guys, the reason why I don't wanna join at first is because I don't like to complete a slogan coz I know I'm suck at doing so but this time around, I'm just gonna try. I'm not gonna die if I try right?

The pictures that I'm gonna use for this contest is what you're gonna see below. I had to dig out tons of files just to find the right pictures and I genuinely think that Adie should take my hard work into account. Haha. Just kidding. But it's gonna be nice if he really does that. LOL.

~ Hehe ~

So what's your opinion seeing my SISPA pictures? I'm gonna leave the decision making to Adie and hopefully he's gonna choose the right picture as the winner of the contest. Oh, before I forgot, this is my slogan.

"Terkadang, senyuman palsu terukir apabila mak ayah suruh buat keje lain masa kita tengah syok layan movie dalam laptop so, terpaksa la senyum tak nak kasi diorang kecik hati."


There's only three days left before the closing and I don't know if the person that I tag is still be able to join. Since tagging at least two bloggers is the rule to complete my participation, so, I'm just gonna tag them. The bloggers that I think will join this are Ame and Kamaryeah.

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