Sunday, April 3, 2011

:: MELTECH 12th Anniversary Night ::

Salam to all my readers.

Finally, it's over! Last weekend, 1st of April to be exact, was a memorable and unforgettable night for me. For the past 4 months, I have been waiting for this time to arrive. Maybe to other people, it just a simple and ordinary dinner but to me, as the director of the event, it indicates how good I am at organizing an event.

MELTECH annual dinner got several modifications regarding to its objective and purpose of organizing it. Usually, we have an annual dinner just to celebrate those who are in final year and to mark as the last event of a particular year. For this year annual dinner, I have decided to make it more meaningful so I changed the purpose of the event from annual dinner to celebrating the anniversary of MELTECH.

The event took place at Intekma Hotel & Resort, which is located somewhere in Section 2, Shah Alam. The theme, like I have said in a couple my previous entries, is Glam Night with Roses so people who came that night all put on a rose whether on their chests, or just make it looks like a bracelet or simply put it on top of your head. The event went, well, a lil bit late because of some mishaps here and there but looking from the face of the students and VIPs, I think they all enjoy the night, which give me quite a relief feeling. Even our dean said during his speech that he is amazed with the transformation we did on ourselves and went like, "Mase kat faculty, kamu semua nampak penuh 'kemakmalan' tapi malam ni, saya macam tak percaya bahawa kamu semua student saya,". Haha. See, who says student of health sciences don't know how to style?? :)

I wanna take this opportunity to address my gratefulness to Allah for giving me such an amazing journey and this experience is not something that you can get in class. It is not something that your teacher can teach you. I have gone through lot of difficulties in order to make this event a successful event and thanks to those who have been helping me, especially my team. You guys are my backbone and I'm so thankful to be working with wonderful and helpful people. If I be given a chance, I would love to do this all over again. It's so exciting!

I know you guys are eager to see what I'm wearing and what transformation we did on ourselves so, enjoys some of the pictures I include in this entry. I will be posting an entry full of pictures taken from the night so, stay tune for that ok. Until then, ciao!

~ credit to hana for this photo ~

~ with my friend, Suhaila ~

~ ta daa, the director of the event, poses like he owns the place..hahaha ~

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