Sunday, April 17, 2011

:: Happy Birthday Judiene!! ::

Salam to all my readers.

Last Monday, which is on April 11th, was my birthday. 22 years ago, a cute adorable little creature came out of my mom's womb, crying, waiting to be named and cuddled. After having quite a long deliberations, my parent chose to name me, Wan Muhammad Izzuddin. Cool name, isn't it?? :D

Well, lets get back to the present shall we? Last Monday, I had a small surprise birthday party, which I hadn't expected at all since everyone was busy completing the mandarin drama. Thanks to my juniors, who willing to make such a surprise. I was taken aback with all the surprises, cannot thank you enough! You guys are amazing!

And for those who had been wishing me via Facebook and text messages, I really really appreciate that. As final exams are getting closer each day, you guys would probably know how busy I am gonna be, so, if less entry are posted here, please blame the final exams. And also the assignments. I am gonna update this blog once a while, you know, just to keep it updated. To be honest, I have a list of unpublished entries in my draft but every time I feel like posting them, other things get hold of me.

Okay guys, until then. Ciao!

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