Saturday, April 23, 2011

:: Justin Bieber's Concert ::

Salam to all my readers.

Beliebers were going crazy since the last two days. Why? Do you know what 'Beliebers' are? A bunch of Justin Bieber's fans and they call themselves 'Beliebers'. Well, I don't know whether I'm one of the Beliebers or not but I'm not embarrass to come up front and say, 'I like Justin Bieber!!".

Hahaha. Ok, now you know my dark little secret. Some people say he can't really sing and looks like a girl. We can't argue on the looks part because that is what God had given him, an adorable face that can melt most of the teenagers' heart nowadays. Go blame God la instead of him. The singing part, hurmm, how should I say this. Okay, he may not possess a big and powerful voice, that is so obvious but he knows how to perform and how to produce great and interesting songs so, I think I have caught up in this phenomenon. Haha.

Okay, move on to the main point of this entry. Like you all know, JB had performed here in his concert live in Malaysia and this was why all the Beliebers were going crazy for the past two days. I'm not rich. Can't afford the ticket so, I just wait for any blogger who went to JB concert to make an entry out of the experience and upload the pictures they have taken. Note this, I am one of his fan, I didn't get the chance to go to his concert but I didn't talk bad about him or pretend not to like him. I read a status posted by my friend on her status saying that "Sape-sape yang pergi tengok konsert JB tu, sume tak semayang Maghrib dengan Isyak." Later on she posted this, "Apelah yang orang minat sangat nak tengok konsert JB tu. Bodoh!".

~ Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez ~

~ Sweet! ~

Firstly I want to say, I know how much she adores Justin Bieber and I know that she wants to go to his concert but I think she is being a plastic while writing the status. Come on, don't be fake. You like him but then you talk bad about the people who go to the concert just because you are so poor that you can't afford the ticket. If she was to go to the concert, I bet she wouldn't post that stupid shit. She was faking herself and that is something that I can't endure. Is it embarrass to admit that you missed out the concert and wish all the people there to have fun? Don't talk bad about the people, it's you who people should talk bad about because you being fake make people who go there like a bad guy. Urghh.

~ JB performing ~

My advice here. Don't be fake. That's all. Oh by the way, I hope Selena stays with him forever. I don't know, they look cute together. She is super cute and even though she's older than JB, doesn't that mean she cannot be his girlfriend. Hahaha. I sounded like a JB maniac fan here. LOL. Okay lah guys, until then. Ciao!

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