Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Salam to all my readers.

I can't believe I went to TGV watching Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows and didn't write anything about it!?? Gosh, shoot me! I promised to myself that I will write my thought on this most anticipating series of Harry Potter but it seems that laziness had taken control of myself. But not to worry, now I got my strength back and ready to pen an entry about the movie.

Ok, where shall we start. Ermm, I don't wanna talk about the synopsis coz clearly you can find it anywhere in google but I wanna share with you about what I feel after watching it. Like any other movies, there is people who hate it and there is who love it. To those who hate the movie, or think that the movie is boring or lack of action, nope, your thought wrong. This never been a action movie if you look carefully at the genre.

There are action scenes written in the book though and I understand why the director didn't put all the actions in the movie, coz when you transform a book, into a movie, it needs more than an action. It needs storyline. So all the talking you saw in the movie, it was made it that way, so that people will understand the storyline and know why a certain character act a certain way. If you put all actions in it, they hardly tell stories and people who doesn't read the book will not understand. These are why the talking part, like what haters label it, is required.

I give 10/5 stars. I really really enjoy the movie, as much as I enjoy reading the book. I just read the book once so I hardly remember the plot and there I was, sitting in a comfy seat of TGV Cinema, guessing what will happen next after another the entire movie. I guess I just can't say bad things to anything that has to do with Harry Potter. Hahaha. If you say I'm getting too obsess with this stuffs then go on, coz I am. Ever since I watch and read the first book, I was like glued to it and possessed by the book. Hahaha.

Yes, I am a die-hard fan of Harry Potter and if you wanna mess with either Harry, Ron or Hermione, it means you have to mess with me too. LOL. Ok, I think I got carried away a little. Lastly I wanna say, to those who haven't watch the movie yet, please do so. Go to any cinema near you, buy the ticket and enjoy yourself. I'm signing off now, until then. Ciao!

p/s ~ I think I'm gonna need a 'Dobby'. Hehehe.

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