Friday, November 5, 2010

:: more on David Archuleta ::

Salam to all my readers

A lil bit update of David Archuleta here. As you all know, 'Something 'bout Love' was his first single from his sophomore album, The Other Side of Down. It is a catchy with incredible hook and great production. It has radio hit potential, so David's team was not wrong when they chose the song as his first single.

Now, in early September, David had announced that 'Elevator' is gonna be his second single. The song is great too. Haha. Ok, lets be honest. I thought it was kinda a kiddy song when I first listened to it. But it totally changed my perception and after a few subsequent listen, I think it's catchy, fun and it feels like a little roller coster song. Hahaha. Or is it just me?? Whatever.

David also revealed that the third song, entitled 'Falling Star' would be released on October 28. I love this song so much, in fact it is one of my favourite songs in his sophomore album. But all songs are great and nice actually so, no need to list which is favourite and which is not. This song, everytime I listen to it, I can easily picture this track as part of TV series' or movie soundtracks. The melody and the production of this song is so lovely. Not to mention the lyric. Oh oh, you gotta check out his falsetto at the end of this so. Lovely!

Roughly said, it doesn't matter what song become the single because we all gonna love it. Just get his album and believe me, it's worth your money!

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