Wednesday, November 10, 2010

:: hate this moment! ::

Salam to all my readers

Living inside the college is great to people who have no transportation to move from a place to another, as well as for those who their life is devoted to nothing but study.

I admit it's a bit safer and less thing to think about but what I don't like about it is when it's time to go back home and that means, to move all your things out of the room your living now. Gosh, so many things to pack! I'm not the tidiest person on earth, sometimes can get too messy but when it comes to pack your things and clean up your room, I think I'm the worst housekeeper.

~ this is not my room but you can imagine it like this. LOL. ~

I was wondering where all my things came from. I mean, when I thought everything was already packed, then I looked down under the bed, there was another 2 or 3 boxes covered with thick dust. Definitely they weren't mine. I wish I could say that. Huhu. But it was mine, waiting to be cleaned and packed. Damn! Only God knows how much I hate this moment.

And now I'm waiting for my uncle to pick my things up. Thank God he's living not so far from Puncak Alam. I'd have died if I'm gonna do all these things by myself. I'm gonna be waiting for him outside so, I'm signing off now. Cheerio!

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