Wednesday, November 24, 2010

:: the heat is starting to feel ::

Salam to all my readers

I've been traveling back and forth to KL to run some errands which are picking up my convo robe, attending the convo rehearsal and surveying some hotels around Shah Alam for MELTECH's dinner.

I'm quite excited with the whole convo thing coz I can shop for my new shirt to wear on that day and also a new necktie to go with it. I want it to be grand and new although it would be covered with the robe but still I wanna feel that feeling. LOL. I'm thinking of wearing maybe light pink, dark blur or green. I never had a green shirt in my closet, coz I'm not really into green but if it paired with white, like one of those white-green-stripe sweater that I saw in JJ Bukit Raja which I almost bought it but sadly they only got 'XL' size.

Take a look at my convo robe guys. Haha. I still can't believe that I'm gonna wear it and there will be lot of photos taken on that day. Why not, I mean it is a day where we celebrate the end of our journey dealing with books, notes and lectures. Being a cam whore is a must! I'm gonna let out all my model instinct and strike a pose in every corner of UiTM Shah Alam. Hahaha.

And about the dinner stuff, yes, me and my friends had searched and surveyed several hotels and we also went to Shah Alam Conventional Centre (SACC). There was a funny thing happened when we were at SACC but I shall not talk about that. It's a good thing to learn and I'm happy I can experience it myself. The thing is, I already started to feel the heat and the intense of organizing the most anticipating event of the year. We are talking about annual dinner, where lecturers and all of the students come to enjoy themselves and I can't imagine myself screwing up the event. Hope everything will be okay.

So for the time being, if any of you have any great idea, please, share it with me. I'm still new in this whole event management thing so really need advices from those who expert in this kinda thing (this actually meant to Miss Iyllienaz LOL).

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