Saturday, November 20, 2010

:: Ann made it to Top 2 ::

Salam to all my readers

I'm not gonna lie but blimey I am so damn happy and surprise to find out that Ann is finally made it to top 2 of the latest cycle of America's Next Top Model, together with Chelsey, which I prefer Jane or Kayla more than her. But whatever it is, give a big Yay to Ann!! LOL!

Last week, the girls got a shocking news from Mr. Jay where 4 of them will become 2, means the girls fate were 50-50. Another shocking news was there would be no photoshoot today, instead, they would be shooting a 'motion editorial' in some gorgeous couture, directed by Tyra Banks herself.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the edited video of Tyra's debut motion editorial video to be uploaded here. Instead, I got a snippet of the video, where a picture of Ann, coutured up in a wedding-gown-kinda-like dress, looking at the art wall at the ceiling. She looks gorgeous, even though this just a picture. Oh well, I forgot she used to get best photos 5 time in a row. If you see the video, the girls had to act and strike a pose at the same time and they had to do it in several different modes.

Actually, I do have the motion editorial video. Just wanna mess with you guys. Oh, while you watching it, noted how gorgeous and high fashion Ann is, the way she poses and works her limb through out the filming process is remarkable. Too bad her walk is not as brilliant as her photo turn out to be. Click here for the video. :)

p/s ~ I'm gonna post about my Hari Raya Haji entry soon as I'm so lazy to talk about it now. Huhu.

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