Monday, September 7, 2009

:: i wish the nite would never end.. ::

~ gang2 trainees at HTJ Seremban, WE ARE UNITED!!! 1MALAYSIA ~

Salam to all my readers

as i typing this entry, i was just got back home from a majlis berbuka puasa @ Pizza Hut and a nite out with my new practical friends
well, i have to admit, the night went great and better that i thot
i have a few pics taken during our cosy dinner a.k.a berbuka puasa but i have to wait for Afiq to copy it to me
maybe tomorrow i'll upload the pics so until then, just enjoy reading my entry

actually, i dunno why, i fell nothing but happy thinking about the nite that i just had
i mean, i feel a different kind of feeling, it's a mix of happy and happy and fun :)
maybe this time i went with new people and it expose to other people and other behavior except from my close friend
(ok, seriously, i dunno what i getting into)
tp cni la sng cter, before this i never go out with people other than my close friend
so this time, going out and mixing with them its like giving me a new fresh, idea of different kind of people and i was like "owh, ade gak org cmni"

just now i had dinner a.k.a berbuka puasa with my fellow trainees friends who are coming from different part of college like PTPL, IMR and UiTM Shah Alam induk
ktowg buka puasa ala2 omputeh la kali ni, kt Pizza Hut @ JJ Seremban 2
pnyer la ssh nk arrange majlis ni (cm bsr sgt plak majlis neh huhu) and its remind me of my time when i was in MELTECH and involved in event management neh
so aku gne segala pengalaman yg ada utk arrange majlis neh hakhakhakhak (actually bkn aku je wlaupun ter'order' mknan lbh tp we had fun

then we went for a movie time and got a chick flick I Love You, Beth Cooper to watch

seriously dude, this movie is different coz it's not an ordinary chick flick
i mean, i thot it's gonna be boring but i was great instead
the movie is about a geek who fall in love with a girl, named Beth Cooper who he thot was nice and sweet
but it turns out that Beth is actually a wild and naughty girl but as the movie goes on, there's a loneliness in her that no one knows
this movie is a movie about teenager and it really cool to see how they spend their graduation night, doing stupid and crazy things just to have fun

i feel like i was floting around and got carried away with the movie
dah la aku pn tgh have a night out my new buddies
ok, i'm not gonna spoil the surprise to those who didn't catch the movie yet so go and see it before you read the full synopsis

seriously guys, aku rse cm nk hang out lg ngn dowg coz cm best je mlm neh
maybe watching the movie made me more appreciate of meeting new friends and get to know them
seb bek la esk keje kalo xmmg melepak smpai sahur la jwbnyer
ble la nk kuar ngn dowg lg, pasni some of them da abes practical da


~ berbuka at Pizza Hut ~

~ kesengalan kami :) ~

p/s ~ more pics coming up... =)

10 puji aku smart:

peridot sepi said... sedey jer...hepi la sikit...

EIPUL said...

wah, ko pun tgk cite i lap u beth cooper. kelakar kan? huhu

kerolizwan said...

its good
meeting new people is fun!

yaziith su anaz said...


dabel haeppy ek?

Judiene said...

Peridot Sepi ~ sedey?? xdela. sedey coz pasni da xtaw ble nk kuar ngn dowg. i'm hepi la. heheheee

Eipul ~ of coz la, hayden panettiere tuuuu.. mmg klakar 18SG hahahahahaa!!

Kerol ~ yup, it's really fun meeting them. i was nervous at first but everything is ok now :)

Judiene said...

Yaziith ~ ha'ah, hahahaa, double happy, double the fun! heeeeee~

strewberimanes said...

entry kamu ni cam sedey je
haisyoooooo hepi la sket =)

lalink7 said...

wahh..xleh jadi..
nak kene g tgk gak citer i luv u beth cooper nie..huhuhh

sHaH said...

aku tak nampak cam 1 malaysia je gambo tuh?

Judiene said...

Strewberimanes ~ sedey?? xdela. sedey coz pasni xtaw dpt kuar lg ngn dowg ke x. tp hepi gak coz kuar sme2.. :)

Lalink7 ~ i advice u, better go catch the movie. really crazy and fun! hahaha

Shah ~ hahahaaa..sje je ltk 1malaysia tuh.. :)

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