Friday, September 9, 2011

:: Two Caucasian females and a Malay lady ::

Assalamualaikum to all my readers.

I have arrived here, at my house, in Puncak Alam yesterday and I'm still can't get over the fact that my 4 months holiday is over. Now that I'm here first, I think my housemates expect me to clean up the house and stuff but nahh, I'm just gonna wait for everyone to come. Haha.

Actually I have a funny story to share with you guys. Yesterday, we stopped at Gua Musang R&R for breakfast and while I was checking out the stalls there, I saw a group of Mat Salleh tourist arrived with their Malay driver. I didn't pay a lot of attention to them coz my stomach was grumbling with hunger. So I sat on a table and I saw the tourists walked in and discussing something among them. I think they were discussing on what they want to eat or they didn't know most of the food served at the R&R. The food were typical Malay food so I think they were having problem deciding on what to eat.

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Suddenly, two females from the group came to the stall where I bought my breakfast and they were looking at a steamer full of kuih pau with so many different flavors. So they called out the stallholder and a lady came hurriedly towards them, looking a little uneasy. From the table I sat on, I could see that the two Minah Salleh was trying to buy the kuih pau but they didn't know what was the flavor as it was written in Malay. I pitied the lady coz she looked very uncomfortable, trying to explain the meaning of the flavor in English. She called for help from her friends who was cooking inside the pantry but she refused to go out. An old man sitting near my table even made fun of her saying, "Dio gi sekoloh agamo, dop reti kecek Inggerih dio tu (She went to the religious school so she can't speak English),".

I was still eating my breakfast, i couldn't get up to help so my dad came to her rescue. He explained to the two ladies about the flavor of the kuih pau and other dishes that were served at the stall. The Malay lady looked a little embarrass but she could do nothing to help. Me and my sister couldn't stop laughing. We weren't laughing at the lack of capability of the lady to speak English but the situation and the way the two Minah Salleh trying to understand what was being told by the Malay lady that made us laugh. Honestly, I pitied the lady. As a matter of fact, it's not nice to make fun of a person's incapability.

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