Thursday, September 15, 2011

:: Open house ::

Assalamualaikum to all my readers.

The glorious month of Syawal is going to come to an end in 1 weeks and I am sure that within this period of time people are looking forward to attend as much as open houses as possible. Not to mention wedding invitations.

Living life as a common guy, I didn't get a lot of invitations to go to any open houses or wedding ceremony. Not that I wish people would invite me but it's nice to be invited and eat nice home food once a while. Speaking of that, I went to my friend's house yesterday in Shah Alam. I was quite excited since her mom and herself is a good cook so, I was looking forward to see what was there to be eaten. She served us Nasi Ayam which to me and other guests, was insanely delicious. It looked like any Nasi Ayam you can find at night markets or stalls but the taste was different. There was definitely something special in the dish. So G double O D good!

I'm living in a residential area here in Puncak Alam and there are quite a number of houses that organizing open houses but sadly we don't get invited to any of the house. We're students so, of course we'll be delighted to go because, well, who doesn't want free food right. At least I do. Okay, here I wanna share with you guys some of my moments taken during my visit to my friend's house. Actually, these photos are uploaded just don't wanna make this entry look dull and boring. Don't know whether it works or not enjoy them!


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