Sunday, September 25, 2011

:: The togetherness ::

Assalamualaikum to all my readers.

Happy Sunday guys!

Last night was a hell of a night. That is, my class had an open house and we decided to make a potluck open house. So the event took place at my house and we started setting up the place right after Asar because we need to get the barbecue place ready, so that people can start digging in before midnight.

There was a lot of food prepared by us and we ate like there is no tomorrow. Haha. Honestly, I like doing this kind of stuff, you know, make lots of food and have people come by because it's really lot of fun. Well, to show you how fun we were, these photos will prove it to you guys. 

 ~ Getting busy in the kitchen ~  

~ The girls with grilled sausages ~

 ~ BBQ-ing is fun ~

~ The abundant of delicacies ~ 

 ~ Me cooking in the kitchen with the girls as my assistants ~

~ My favorite part of the night ~

 ~ The whole crew ~

~ Medical Lab Technology United ~

See. I told you it was fun!

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