Tuesday, June 28, 2011

:: Sazzy Falak is back ::

Salam to all my readers.

I am a big fan of Sazzy Falak. I think she is what modern women are suppose to be like today. She's smart, she's energetic, she's fashionable and she has a great career as a model, a spokesperson, an actress, a host and she recently landed another big role ever in her life, a mom. Yes. She is a mom of a twins, named Iman Lilly and Tiara Rose. 

She had slowed down her pace in the industry and chose to channel her attention to her husband and her pregnancy. Today, on ntv7 Breakfast Show, she made her first appearance I think after giving birth to the twins. She looks breathtaking. Even Nazz joked around with her, stressing on the fact that Sazzy is 30 years old but she doesn't look like one. I agree with him. She looks ageless. Anyway, she has a new movie coming out next month called 'Tolong! Awek Aku Pontianak' alongside Shaheizy Sam if I'm not mistaken.

Wish her good luck and all the best in her career.

~ Sazzy and her family in Berita Harian Inspirasi segment ~
~ Sazzy as she watching her babies sleeping ~

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