Friday, June 17, 2011

:: David Archuleta Live in Malaysia ::

Salam to all my readers.

I'm actually not in the mood to post any entry here but I have to post this thing, since it's the most happiest news that I've ever heard for the past few days. David Archuleta is coming to Malaysia this July. And this time, he's gonna perform for a full concert, live at Stadium Negara. 

 ~ the concert poster ~

 ~ the seating plan for the concert ~
I was extremely happy and pleasure when I first saw the news on the Sony Music Malaysia facebook. This is the chance for me to see him performing live in front of my eyes and I know I've got to be there. But before I could be happier, the list of the ticket price was officially announced and I was feeling slightly devastated over the news. And then I came back to the reality. How on earth, I'm going to afford the ticket? I have no job, my PTPTN loan has gone and I don't think my dad would be glad if I come to him and ask for the money.

The last time he came down here, he did a showcase at Sunway Lagoon and I was dying to get the pass for the showcase. I still remember the day before the showcase take place, Sony Music had this pass giveaway thing going on within a limited time and we were suppose to call them and asked for the pass. I was in the middle of a lecture that day and my hand couldn't let go off my phone. I tried to call the Sony Music but it couldn't get through. So when David is going to come here again and i thought, I must not let this chance slip away. But then, tsk, I have no idea how to get the ticket.

~ David Archuleta at the American Idol 2011 Finale ~

There's only one way to get the ticket free of charge. I have to tune in to Fly FM everyday until the concert day, waiting for the giveaway. I think this is the only way, unless there is a generous and flush person out there who willing to sponsor me a ticket. If there is, I promise I'd do anything to you. Please! This is a serious matter. No joking. 

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