Monday, June 27, 2011

:: Do share ::

Salam to all my readers.

We as human are never gonna get away from problems. No matter where you hide, no matter where you go, ones life is not complete without problems. We can't say we are doomed whenever problems fall on us. Sometime, problems are the reason we have a life we're living now. It needs to be solved, it requires solution, in order for us to see what is the underlying meaning. 

Every person has their own way to reduce the burden they carried. Some like to write it down in a diary, some like to sit and have a nice talk. The methodology is different, but the meaning behind it is the same. Problems are meant to be shared. If you're a person who likes to write, then the diary or any kind of writing material is your partner. Even though it's not a living thing, it will sort of lighten whatever the burden that you're carrying. Same goes to the person who likes to have a conversation with other people.

~ Sharing is not contagious ~

If you ask me which way I prefer, I would say, both. I used to have a diary back when I was in high school. I still remember, my friends always trying to steal my diary, coz they wanna see what is exactly that I write. They would try to peek whenever I want to pour my thoughts and memories into the diary. However, the impact I get is maximum with face to face conversation. Obviously it's the best method to reduce your stress from the problem you're having. People can give their opinion or thoughts straight away and its really help me to know whether the people that I'm sharing problems with is listening or not. Honestly, I wouldn't bother to be a place for my friends to share their problems because its sort of tighten our bonding. 

So guys, whenever you're dealing with problems that you can't find the solution alone, do share. Sharing doesn't hurt you. You will get hurt if you opt to keep it within yourself. After all, sharing is caring right? Hehe. Until next time, ciao!

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