Thursday, April 8, 2010

:: i'm just happy ::

Salam to all my readers

ok this entry is gonna be my self-centered piece of art, coz i'm gonna blabber about something that make me feel like on top of the world. i'm happy, as happy as eating large size of pepperoni pizza all by myself. and with extra cheese, extra pepperoni and extra sauce. owh, and with tabesco sauce on top. owh, really love the feeling! yummy!

but the worst part is, i can't reveal the secret. yeah, it's hard to just keep it to myself. have you ever felt happy about something but you can't tell people about it? wait, maybe i can give you guys clues. you just have to create imagination by using the clues that i'm about to give. hehe. simple.

ok, here's the thing. i planned something, and it went so well that i can't wait to launch the next plan. haha. sure we all be happy if our planning is a succeed, without having any obstruction from anybody. for me, it's like eating Duren Duren from Big Apple. gosh, the smell of the fresh durian flesh is enough to make me drooling. just imagine the satisfaction the moment the durian get into your mouth. damn good!

but i remember one thing. my friend once said that every happiness come with a price. meaning that, if today we embrace the joy and feel like nothing there's nothing can stop us from be happy, be ready to face the opposite. the sorrow days or anything bad might coming in your way. well, used to believe in that. so, i'm trying to not enjoy what i'm feeling right now, although i know it's impossible to do so. haha.

ok, i think that's all for now. until then. cheerio!

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chokio_nia said...

aiyoooo..apsal secret2 lak ne..mau tau kenapa ko epi owh..huhu..nak epi same boley??haha

Anonymous said...

be happy!!!

seroja jingga said...

there u go..finaly i found u dude! after long search!

great topic here yeah
Have you ever felt happy about something but you can't tell people about it?

Yeah i Do..once upon a time ago
yeah i got a bonus 4 munth salary..and so happy with it..made me smile all day long..but i cant tell my ex husband..! sure he'll get me to pay the astro bill after.. hahahahahhah!


fitriah said...

tak pernah tau pun kewujudan duren duren?

Judiene said...

Chokio_nia ~ wanna know why? read my next entry. then you'll know. hehehe. =)

Judiene said...

Ghostone ~ i'm indeed happy now.

Judiene said...

SJ ~ that was a clever move sis. perhaps you should do it more often. hahaha.

Judiene said...

Fitriah ~ you don't know Duren Duren? one of the best flavor in Big Apple. it's durian flavor la beb.

lin said...


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