Friday, April 16, 2010

:: Goodbye HTJS Part 1 ::

Salam to all my readers

tomorrow, or today (for those who read my blog 2 hours after this entry is posted) will be my last day posting at Hospital Tuanku Jaafar, Seremban (HTJS), N9. never thought this day would come so fast. it's been a year since my first day here. well, 8 months to be specific, but i feel like home already. leaving HTJS means leaving all the staffs, other trainees, and the smell of the lab. yeah, i think i'm gonna miss the smell. but fortunately all the memories, good or bad, remain with me. that's a good thing for sure.

it's very funny when i think back my very first day here. i never ever like the idea of posting in a hospital actually, coz i thought it's gonna be tough and people are gonna ask you lots of question. the hospital look strange, big and we didn't know a single person here. but after few weeks here, i was totally turnaround. the hospital look small and i know every single person in pathology lab. including the doctors.

before i came here, i don't even know there's other college than have MLT course. i thought the course was only in UiTM. now i know that there's other MLT trainee from other colleges, like IMR, PTPL, KLMU and MSU. now i have friends from those places. really nice to know them. we're like old friends already.

this friday, or today (referring to what time you read my entry), we will be having a farewell party, organized by the trainees. we've been planning the party since early of april and now it's the time to make it happens. i don't know what to expect at the party, i'm afraid i can't hold my tears during the party. huhu. have to say goodbye to some of them, who i'm gonna miss soooo damn much.

to be continued..

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Nabil JD said...

judin, xsempat hang out skali pon.. pasni ko dtg seremban lg x??

EJAY said...

whatever it is... life must go on bro!

Anonymous said...

jgn sedey2la.
ley jmpe lg kan..
hangout same2..:)

EIPUL said...

wah bestnye~
praktikal ko da habis. Aku ni ha teseksa 3 bulan lagi baru abes.
nak teberak pun tak lalu. Huahua

Just_najmiE said...

awww.. this is sweet.. =')

Judiene said...

N.J ~ lps ni dah tak lepak Seremban dah kot, lepak Shah Alam plak. hehehe.

Judiene said...

Ejay ~ hey, dude, where have you been hiding all this time?? huhu, yeah, life must go on. hehe. thanx for reminding me.

Judiene said...

Lionteen ~ insyaallah, ada jodoh leh la hangout sesame. hehe.

Judiene said...

Eipul ~ weyh, sumpah ko akan suka ngn praktikal ko nnt. aku mula2 pn cm xske gak, lame2 rse best giler. hehe.

Judiene said...

Najmie ~ HAHA, thanx! =)

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