Sunday, April 25, 2010

:: i wanna know him/her ::

Salam to all my readers

you know when i say, "hey i wanna know this girl/guy.", it's not that i fall for her, or i wanna impress him her, or i wanna know him her because later on i can tell her how i feel about him her. no. no it isn't. it just, i wanna make friends. male or female, i don't mind. if they wanna know me, or give positive response after i smiled at them, then i would be more than happy to befriend with them.

but somehow people tend to get the wrong idea regarding the line. it's not a pick up line. it would be stupid and so low for a person to use it as a pick up line. i actually wanna be friend with you because i see you, as a someone who is funny and something interesting that i wanna know more. it's like you are an top artist and i'm your biggest fans.

but please don't get me wrong. i wanna befriend with you not because you're popular, or got lots of friends, or you're handsome. it just i see we have something in common. ok, so next time, please, if i say i wanna know this particular person, it just because i wanna make friends. not because i love him her, or trying to flirt with him her.

hope that person know that there's someone here who wanna be his her friend. i think i have no qualms about making friends with that person.

*back to reality*

OMG! what am i saying????

2 puji aku smart:

yaziith su anaz said...

ape la kau ni.

Razman said...

ko gay x? jom kte...

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