Monday, October 5, 2009

:: time that will make us smile =) ::

Salam to all my reader

i just got back from Port Dickson, a 1day 2nite trip with my fellow trainees friends. and yesterday, after checking out from the apartment where we staying, we headed to umah staff2 and member, nk beraye laaa. ehehehehehehe. all of us convoyed together. such a great time. actually, aku xsempat lg r nk cite secara detail kt korg sume coz pic2 blom di transfer drp kamera and fon, so, xbest r entry psl holiday tp xde pics kn. kn. so, will be updating it soon.

generally, that's all i'm wanna say here, at this moment. need to go to work la. so, wait for my PD entry eh. untill then. toodles~~

8 puji aku smart:

EIPUL said...

cepat upload sume gambo~

Just_najmiE said...

nak gambar!!! hoho..

Judiene said...

wait ek
gamba kebanyakan dok ngn kwn
so, nnt i take it from him
until then, wait for my next entry

Anonymous said...

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:: Miss Naddy :: said...

uit bestnye pi oliday...alaaaaa bila ntah akak nk pi..huuhuuh nampk banana boat teringt kenangn lawak masa 1st time naik..besstttt~~!!

pasni nk pi lagi...pi ramai2 best~~!!

Ejay said...

konsep preview la ni kaedahnya?

yaziith su anaz said...

seronok ouhh.


lalink7 said...

lama xg pd..bestnyer...

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