Thursday, October 15, 2009

:: don-read-coz-it-gonna-waste-ur-time edition ::

Salam to all my readers

yeah, referring to da title above, this entry is not as important as da previous one (bajet entry aku penting lak) but it is for those who wanna know bout me and who like to follow my blog (lagi ayat xbley blah kn?? kn??). i'm running out of idea now and dunno what to post la. so, to keep my blog updated, i'm gonna share with u guys about my mggu2 yg terakhir before i finish practical for this sem this 23rd of october.

cytology lab is where i spend my 3 weeks time before the end of my practical. da 2 lab da aku rotate, biochem da 1st one and da 2nd one is microbiology. so, cyto is the 3rd la. for those yg xtaw what the hell cyto is, just google it coz if aku nk explain kt sini, mmg satu entry xckp. tp aku cte gak sket r kalo xnnt kowg cop aku kedekut ilmu lak (hehehe). cytology means the study of cell. ahahahahaaha, tu bahase encilopedia. bahasa kmpung lak, cyto ni cm kaji cell la. cth smple yg ktowg amek cm pap smear (to all women, this is a very2 important test for all of u), smple body fluid cm sputum (kahak) and other fluid dlm badan la.

~ cni la blk tmpt FNAC tuh, juz ktowg pnye xdela se'moden' neh :p ~

ok, mst kowg bosan kn bce 2 perenggan pertama aku neh. da ckp da, tp kowg bce gak. ahahahahahaaha. thanx ek coz sggp menanah mata bce neh. keje kt lab ni just ok je, xbusy sgt la. smple pn dtg dlm kuantiti yg sederhana, and processing da sample pn quite easy la and didn't take lot of time la. ade gak ktowg pgi Fine Needle Aspiration (FNAC). kt sini la ktowg tgk live cne doktor take out sample from patient, cm yg nk cek pre-cancerous kt bhg buah dada and thyroid kt leher. ktowg la yg kne prepare alat2 perang for da doctor. huhuhuhu. best x keje ktowg?? :p

kt FNAC ni bley la kalo kowg nk tgk sakit ke x sakit mse nk amek sample from da patient tuh. ade mcm2 ragam manusia la kan, da yg dpt thn, da yg xthn sgt and mengerang sakit la. nak2 lg yg da berumur kn, mmg kesian tgk dowg. urghhh, arghhhh, ahhhhh, sume ktowg dgr. ingt nk rakam video tuk kowg tgk tp mne leh, whateva happen in da surgical room is private and confidential. ahahahahahaaha.

ok la, i shall stop writing now. i'll be uploading more pics soon so watch this blog! hehehehe.. till then, toodles!!

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EIPUL said...


rawat aku nanti kalau aku sakit.

Judiene said...

Eipul ~ aku bkn doktor la, keje aku proses sample jela..huhuhuhu..

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