Monday, November 7, 2011

:: X Factor UK Live Show 5 - The Result ::

Assalamualaikum to all my readers.

I'm back with the X-Factor updates again. This time I won't be talking about the Live Show but I wanna highlight the Result Show which I was so shocked to see The Risk went home. Yes guys, it was The Risk who had gone home. For those who have been a fan of this show, sure you all know how talented and how brilliant The Risk were in giving an entertaining and great performance. 

Frankly speaking, I think The Risk and their partner in The Groups category, Little Mix (previously known as Rhythmix) have big chance to make it to the finale because both groups especially Little Mix are something that we haven't seen in The X-Factor yet. They are different, more talented than any other girlbands or boybands that had been in The X-Factor before. Because of that reasons, I strongly believe that both can go far in this competition but seeing that The Risk has gone, my hope now is in Little Mix. 

~ T- Before the annoucement, B- After the announcement. Look at Tulisa's face! ~

The Result Show this week is a lil bit different because it's double elimination which means, two acts will be heading home. The acts that are in the bottom 3 this week are The Risk, Johnny Robinson and Kitty Brucknell. On the first half of the elimination, we see The Risk left the competition and it's now between Johnny and Kitty. Both are in The Overs category, mentored by Louis Walsh. The judges have voted and the act that is going to follow in The Risk footsteps is Johnny Robinson. 

~ Kitty Brucknell and Johnny Robinson during the second half of the elimination. ~

He didn't do anything bad during his stay in the competition and I never liked him. I know that the public love him, the judges love him but come on, he is too old to be starting a career in this business. I think the only reason people love him is because of his bubbly personality. I don't think his vocal is amazing. So, I quite glad that he's gone. But the only act that I wish have gone early is Frankie Cocozza. His vocal range is so limited and with his wild attitude, I don't think he can stand strong when he is out of The X-Factor. Hope he will be eliminated next week.

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