Tuesday, April 21, 2009

part 1..david archuleta..

hey guys..
kowg pnh dgr about David Archuleta? the runner-up of American Idol Season 7?mybe u don know, but he's my idol..it's so frustrated that he didn't win the competition but hey, look at him now..doin' tour around da world..isn't it good?huhuhu..

but u know wat guys, aku frust sgt2 coz xdpt attend showcase dia kt Sunway Lagoon, 11 April aritue..shit!!aku da try mcm2 cre nk dptkn tiket tp, xde rezeki kot..tp still cm nk rempuh msk je kt Sunway tu..hihihi..

it's quite funny listen to him saying a couple of malay words, like Selamat Datang and terima kasih..hahaha..but it's ok, we still love ya..hahaha..dia pn ade try nasi lemak n asam pedas kot if i'm not mistaken..i bet his face gonna turn red while eating da food coz pedas kn..mat saleh mne mkn pedas..hahaha..

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