Monday, March 28, 2011

:: The Tiring Journey of Tok Wan Mountain ::

Salam to all my readers.

Yesterday was so tiring! Really, I'm not gonna lie. Me and other 40++ students of MELTECH went to hike at Gunung Tok Wan, 3.1 km further than Sheik Muzaffar made famous, Broga Hill. I don't know the exact location of Gunung Tok Wan but if you can make it to the top of Broga Hill, surely you can see the signboard of Gunung Tok Wan.

This mountain I'm talking about, it's not an ordinary mountain. Well, at least for me. A week before this event, me and my buddies went hiking at a hill (I already forgot what's the name of that hill) at Kg. Donglai, Sg. Congkak and although it was slippery, muddy and stuff, there's nothing compare to my hiking moment at Gunung Tok Wan. Apart from the slippery thingy, this time, it challenged more of your inside. The way up to Broga Hill was challenging and quite dangerous I must say, regarding to its steep slope.

We started off our hiking at approximately 10.00am and the track before we reached the foothill of Broga was totally fine with me but the way up to Broga was quite challenging since I am fear of heights. The slope was so steep that I climbed up the hill without even looking down and I started to feel dizzy. My mind was telling me not to look down and fortunately I managed to get on the first hill. The moment I touched the ground of the peak, I feel like, "Thank God I'm still alive." It was a so nerve-wrecking experience.

~ at the first peak of Broga Hill ~

~ the peak of Broga Hill ~

~ the scenery taken from where I'm standing on the peak ~

We thought we have made it to the peak of Gunung Tok Wan but as soon as we realized that it was the peak of Broga Hill that we were standing on, all of us went like "What!!!!". It turns out that Gunung Tok Wan is 3.1 km further. We continue our journey and along the way to the peak, there were moments where I feel like giving up and turn back. The route was sooo long as if there was no ending. After about 2 hours, we finally reached the peak and wtf! The peak was nothing like what we have imagined. It was dirty and there was no beautiful scenery that we could see.

I think this is all for part 1. Stay tune for more actions and dramas. Until then, ciao!

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