Friday, June 24, 2011

:: I'm sorry Dad ::

Salam to all my readers.

Yesterday, me and my family had a dinner together. It's been a while actually since the last we ate dinner as a whole family. My mom usually didn't take her dinner. She likes to watch us eating her well-cooked meals. That satisfies her I guess. My sister on the other hand, is on a diet program. Well, at least that what I had been told. So, it was great for us to sit down and enjoy the meals while catching up with each other thing.

I was enjoying my mom's Ayam Masak Paprik when suddenly my dad asked me about my result. I didn't remember who'd brought that up but since he asked, I told him everything. I was so disappointed with my result, so did my father. I made excuses, telling him how I'd struggled with chemistry, the lab math and it might have something to do with luck. Then my dad said something that made me feel something inside.

He said, it's not about the luck or the cruciality of a subject that caused my result to go plummet. Instead, he believed that I had lost my focus and to see what exactly that I am suppose to do, but he kept accentuating on the focus thing. And then I said, maybe I am not clever enough to digest all the information given by my lecturer finely and he kinda snapped at the words. He said, he believes in me, he believes that I can do it and he also believes that his sons and daughters are all clever and it's not about I'm clever or not. Again, the focus thing reappeared.

If my dad believes in me, who am I to doubt that? I am so sorry that I didn't live up to his expectation and trust me dad, it's not my intention to doubt my own self and to make me look like I haven't learn anything at college. I promised him that I will try my best next semester and he even challenged me to get a DA and I don't know if he kiddingly say this but it seems I will be no longer taking pictures using my camera phone. Hehe. The reward for me if I were to get a DA next semester is a DSLR! Wow! 

Oh God, please, help me to stay focus! This is a big deal and it really excites me. My new mission next semester: get a DA and it will lead to my dad buying me a DSLR. Haha. Until then guys, ciao!

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