Sunday, May 30, 2010

:: telecast from Cik Aina's Wedding! ::

Salam to all my readers

yesterday, is quite a wonderful day to me, not just i met my first blogger friend face to face and attend her wedding, but also i went out with my pal. although it was kinda rushing but we had fun. well, at least for me.

ok, first thing first. the wedding. well, to be honest, i never thought that i'm gonna meet her coz she's kinda live far from my home and she already have a bf-turn-hubby. yeah, u heard it right. she threw a pinky party (read: kenduri) here at her hometown, Bkt. Marak, Kelantan. thanx to her for inviting me and sorry for not waiting until the bersanding ceremony.

and here are some pics i snapped while i was waiting for her to get done with make-up..yeah, i've waited several hours just to take this precious pics with her. i guess it's worth a wait. haha. enjoy!

~ ok, you may get jealous now! hahahaa! ~

~ terbaekkk lah! ~

want more pics?? ask from Cik Aina herself laaa. we didn't get to sit and chat, well, it's obvious she needs to get ready for her one-in-a-life-time moment whereas i need to rush to another place. gotta be at home before dawn la. or i'll be grounded for a month. hahaha.

Friday, May 28, 2010

:: Lee is the new American Idol - a little review ::

Salam to all my readers

finally, American has chosen Lee DeWyze as their new American Idol, which in my opinion shouldn't have won the show, coz, if you see the top 2 performances, it was clearly that mamasox has better chances of winning the show, but what to do, it's american who decide, not people around the world. i'm quite frustrated actually. hope crystal find my blog. hahaha.

to me, Lee's performances in top 2 were just OK, nothing different and most importantly nothing special. i prefer if fellow judges choose 'Hallelujah' to be sung in the top 2 show. see what Lee did with the song in top 3 show. fantastic!
you know what, i read a music blog on Yahoo! and here what the blogger said on why Crystal can't win American Idol.
Season 9 on "American Idol" was supposed to be a girls' season. Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi, and even Simon Cowell all authoritatively decreed it so. Promising quirky-girl contestants like Lilly Scott, Katelyn Epperley, Janell Wheeler, Lacey Brown, and Didi Benami were all hyped early on as ones to watch and ones to beat. At one point, a Crystal Bowersox/Siobhan Magnus final showdown seemed quite likely. But sadly, "AI9" hasn't quite panned out in the females' favor. Most of the aforementioned girls all left the competition shockingly prematurely--including Siobhan, one of this season's most interesting, unique, and talented contestants. Now only one female, Crystal, remains in the competition, and despite her popularity, I fear she won't win this season. Season 9 will probably be just another boys' club, after all. I predict Lee DeWyze is going to win in the end, and this makes me sad.
and the rest you can read it by clicking here..

and yeah, if it's based on the performances, Crystal absolutely was the brighter star on that night. i've been rooting for her all season long, and tonight she proved me right. all her performances including the sultry 'Black Velvet' were a sign that she's gonna win this whole thing. but then, the coronation song kinda took all the feeling away from me. i mean, it's a low-key song, i expect something like 'A Moment Like This' or 'I Believe' but it wasn't.

oh yeah! the finale was the emotional finale ever, with the tribute to Simon and Paula, full of surprises and not to mention all idols like the fresh-looking Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia and Ruben Studard and previous contestants were there (except for David Cook and several other contestants). i'm quite sure there's gonna be a tribute from the idols and see, my prediction was right. and Paula looks very sweet that night! talking about her lovechild with Simon, that really brought back memories from previous seasons when they were working together.

for more info and stories about American Idol, just click
here. whatever the result is, Crystal is a star with or without American Idol. What America saw that night was a real performer who can own the stage. Regardless of the voting outcome, we'll be hearing big things from her soon. she is sooo Crystal-clear.

Monday, May 24, 2010

:: Simon last action ::

Salam to all my readers

after nearly 3 months of hard work to stay in the competition, finally, it comes down to this..

~ Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox ~

~ Michael Lynche ~

actually i prefer Michael Lynche to be in top 3, instead of Casey James but what's done is done. no need to complain or whining over something that already happened. right now, lets predict who will be the next American Idol. haha. to me, i root Crystal to win this, since she's different from any contestant who had won it. Lee is a bit similar to David Cook in my opinion, you know, their direction of music. only David looks more like a rock star than Lee.

~ bye bye Simon ~

but on top of that, i wanna see Simon Cowell in action for the last time on this show. as you guys know that he'll be leaving the show, to start his brand new US version of The X-Factor. no news on the replacement of Cowell yet but whoever the person is, the action of Cowell giving critics to the contestants with always be remembered. he got his own unique ways on doing the job as a judge which make the show even hotter and popular.

hope Ryan will stay as the host. Simon, you will be missed.

p/s ~ Congratulations Shahir on winning the AF8 last night. don't know whether he's a suitable candidate to choose but i guess everyone is equal.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

:: she's taken, it's time to walk away.. ::

Salam to all my readers

i had a crush. like you all know. well, just a crush. coz i haven't get the gut yet to tell her my feeling. and i feel this way since the first day i see her. and i tried to be friend with her ever since. hoping that i can be true to her. be sincere towards my feeling for her. i waited for the day to come, only then i realize that..

ok. stop dreaming!

but yeah, only to realize that she already seeing someone right now. it was a big surprise for me, coz she hadn't tell me a thing about her bf. and she thought she told me already. i was like, ok, don't feel frustrated, don't feel devastated or anything. just be cool. yeah, i managed to be cool. but still thinking about what she said occasionally. man, i thought she was available.

~ motip letak pic aku!?? nak promote laaa XP ~

but i guess it's ok, since i'm not ready to get into a commitment yet. you know, in case she asks to be her couple. haha. my plan was be her friend first then we'll see what come after that.
but having said that, i'm happy for her, as long she's happy with the person she loves now. i'm always here for her, you know, everyone gotta have to face problems in relationship. so, yeah, i'll be there for here, whenever she needs me.

ok, stop being lovey dovey coz love gotta have to wait! in fact. she still doesn't know that i have crush on her. nahh, let it be this way. sometimes, things better leave unsaid.

see you later LOVE!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

:: the secret life of bees ::

Salam to all my reader

i just finish watched a movie entitled 'The Secret Life of Bees', directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood on 2008. Queen Latifah, Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys are among who stars in the movie. well i'm not gonna write the synopsis here coz 2 pages or 3 won't be enough. wanna read more about the movie just click here.

what i really love about this movie is bcoz they got Queen Latifah in it. i enjoy watching her comedy character in all previous movies of her like Mad Money, Beauty Shop, Bringing Down The House, Valentine's Day and other box-office movies but not in this movie. she played a different character in this one, a soulful and motherly character.

it's good to see a movie which bring up a theme of family love and love to people regardless of the skin color and what race you are. Dakota Fanning plays a white girl, raised up by the black women, who used to be her mother's nanny when she was a little kid. she runs away from her abusive father and follows her nanny, Jennifer Hudson, and together they go to a small town where they meet this loving and caring family comprises of Latifah, Alicia Keys and Sophie Okenedo. the movie is set in small town of South Carolina, in 1964.

the love theme is very touching to me. i mean the love among family members is what people are lacking nowadays. people don't really see this as a important thing thus they take it for granted. all they can think of is they got someone who love them, who is not from their family and it's enough. no, it's not enough. if your lover ditch you one day, who would you turn to if not your family? you guys should see the movie to see what i'm getting into.

oh btw, i suggest you guys to listen to these song. Save Me and Yesterday, both from Toni Braxton. kinda love the melody. these are brand new songs from Toni Braxton, who became famous with Un-break My Heart. and also songs from Charice called In Love So Deep, Nothing, Note To God and Pyramid. oh oh, Broken-Hearted Girl from Beyonce. ok, all checked, nothing miss. =)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

:: keep wondering ::

Salam to all my readers

you how people say when you're in love? they say you'll feel like wanna be with the person every single time, you'll feel like you wanna know everything about the person you love. but how about you feel all these things i've mentioned but you're not in love? i mean you know you're not in love with the person, yet you feel all these. does it makes sense??

to me, yes. maybe they are someone dear to your heart. or maybe they are kinda like your best buddy. yeah, i think it makes sense.

~ don't get fooled, my lips are naturally pink ;P ~

oh oh yeah, one more thing. have you ever been in the situation where you feel like telling someone you love about how you feel, but you can't coz they may not feeling the same thing you're feeling towards them. and you don't want they get the wrong idea coz it may shake your relationship up. have you guys ever feel that??

hope you guys understand what i'm trying to express here. i'm not trying to be a philosopher or anything. i read stuffs. i try to understand it better. that's all. some of you may wonder why the hell i'm writing all these love stuffs (poyos!). is he in love? does he found someone special? nahhh, i'll pass the questions.

keep wondering..

Friday, May 14, 2010

:: Dinner and American Idol ::

Salam to all my readers

as you all know (or maybe you don't know), i'm already in my hometown. it's great to be home. you know, seeing your family, taste your mom's cooking and all that kinda stuff, nothing can compare to that.

last monday i went to UiTM Puncak Alam Pre-Graduation Dinner, held at De Palma Hotel. it was just ok, nothing great except for one thing. we didn't sit on chairs that night, but we sat on floor instead. the theme was Warisan Sepanjang Zaman so, that should explain the way we sit. the food was 3/5 stars, i mean, it was malay heritage kinda food and i'm not saying that i don't eat malay food, of course i do but the taste didn't really show the standard of the hotel.

other than that, i think i should give credit to the emcee for reading my name correctly. yeah, i was called up on stage to receive Dean List certificate. finally. after 4 sems finally i got the chance. haha. ok, forget about my thing.

since i'm home, i get the chance to watch TV and i'm looking forward to see who will be the next American Idol. my fav in this season are Aaron, Crystal, Siobhan and Lee. Michael is great too but i just like him, but to win the show, i rooted for Crystal to win this. i miss Aaron's show. i mean he wasn't as great as Archuleta (his my fav of all Idols) but his voice is soothing and his personality kinda similar to Archuleta.

~ American Idol 9 Top 12 ~

now it all come down to Crystal, Lee, Michael and Casey. honestly, i think either Aaron or Siobhan should be at Casey's position right now coz he only shines when he sings with his guitar. 2 weeks left and i can't wait to see who will win this. hope Archuleta will perform at the finale. hehe.

ok guys, until then. =)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

:: just call her already! ::

Salam to all my readers

ok, i'm not gonna write Mother's Day wishes here, or post my mom's pic, just to fit the Mother's Day celebration. no, i'm not that show off. what's the point to write all that, like she's gonna read my blog and go "awww, that's sweet son". if you really wanna wish your mom, why don't you grab your phone, search her number and call her straightaway. that would be easy and no need for her to turn on the computer and open your blog, or facebook.

but hey, i don't say posting about your mom on blog or FB is wrong. if you wanna do it so bad, go ahead. it's just my opinion, no need to be piss off.

ok, i don't know why i'm talking about these. i'm listening to 1Malaysia by AMP All Stars, suddenly reminds me of how lucky i am, living in this harmony country and don't even have to bother about being shot while going out (opss!). it's ok, i'm not gonna run away if there's any road block. i'll be fine. and hope they're not gonna run after me. or i'll be dead by midnight. haha.

bad joke!

ok, ermm, guys, forget what i said earlier. scratch the first paragraph. i'm wishing my mom Happy Mother's Day. ok, that's all. simple.

p/s ~ any of you got wedding invitation from Cik Aina?? stay in Kelantan?? coz i think i may need accompany to go there. kinda segan to go alone. hihihi.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

:: when Judiene talks about health.. ::

Salam to all my readers

i have a friend, who i think is an achiever himself. i barely know him but i admire his determination on losing his weight. he went from 85 kg to 55 kg. if that's not cool, then what was it?? to me, it's a big jump. i really need to follow his foot steps

he said, his diet is not touching rice for 5 months, which i thought pretty insane coz i'm a big eater, and all he eats is spaghetti. don't know whether it's cheese spaghetti or bolognese but that what he took for 5 long months instead of rice. and i'll be as happy as when my dad treat me to Pizza Hut for my good grades if i can do what he had did to lose weight.

~ i'm so in love with KFC Twister! ~

he also spend 30 minutes to exercise, which i think a cliche idea but it works, everyday. speaking about exercise, i used to jog everyday and yeah, i feel great after that, you know, when you're sweating, it's refresh our brain and body. but i don't remember why i stop jogging. maybe i'm lazy. no no no,maybe i'm too busy to jog. yeah, like the second thought better. lol.

but i promise myself, i will not exceed 90kg. and that explain my weight is still under 90kg, thank you for the compliment (",). haha. hmm, you know what, i don't remember when is the last time i being skinny. maybe back when i was in high school. yeah, i guess it is.

so, let's keep getting better and live a healthy lifestyle.

p/s ~ gotta keep Cadburry Boast in fridge after this. huhu.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

:: entry from Puncak Alam ::

Salam to all my readers

yay! my first entry in May. the sky is bright and show no sign of rain today. actually, i have nothing to say here today, just wanna keep my blog updated. huhu. but since this is an early month entry, so i dug out my memory and finally i got something to blog about. pretty easy task.

today, i officially announce that after 3 years of struggling and juggling with study (please believe this), i am now, finished my diploma with flying colours. haha. but, not that excel. i'm just good. means that right now, i'm just waiting for my further study application to be answered. don't have any clue of how well i performed in previous semesters but hopefully i can get a spot in UiTM for degree.

got a time to watch Iron Man 2 yesterday at Sunway Piramid. it was full house in every slot they have. but we manage to grab 6.15pm ticket and it was a front seat. great! front seat means back pain and neck pain. the screen was so big and i read the subs from left to right, together with my head. the screen was like 5 feet in front of me and it was too bright for my eyes. the seat was uncomfortable and i have to change my position like every 10 minutes. no more front seats!

but going to Sunway Piramid was the best thing happen to me yesterday, coz finally i manage to get out from Puncak Alam. for those who never been here, i warn ya, it's gonna be far and, ermm, ok just far. but yeah, the distance is actually the big deal you know. we gotta spend 2 hours to go to KL. if any of you know the quicker way to get to KL, i would be grateful if you can tell me.

~ scenery from my room ~

~ half of Puncak Alam. the orange building up there is the hostel ~

ohh yeah, one more thing. the key of survival here in Puncak Alam is get yourself a car. yes, that's the key. once you have a car or something that can move you from a place to another, it will be easier for you to go out without have to worry about the RapidKL that comes in every 2 hours. you know, my classmates went to KL a couple of days ago, and they went there by bus, around 10 am and they came back here, the next morning. they accidentally miss the final bus and have to overnight at KLCC. see, transportation here is really bad.

so, for those who want to study here, please, you're always welcome here. but, it's gonna be tough if you don't have car or motorcycle. if you're a geek who don't go out often, then i guess you're gonna enjoy studying here. but hey, i'm not stopping anyone from coming here. deep down in my heart, i'm so grateful that i got a spot and now i'm waiting for the graduation. thank you UiTM.


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