Saturday, September 5, 2009

:: it's all about a 2nd chance.. ::

Salam to all my readers

last week i watched The Final Destination - Death Trip with my buddies
i'm not gonna critic or comment about the movie coz believe me if i do, many people will get mad at me coz they haven't watch it and they already know how this movie end
but i'm gonna post about the moral value that i found in the movie instead

bg aku la en, moral citer ni is what will you do if u given a second chance to live??
haaa, cm spooky gak en moral die, but meaningful guys
aku terpikir gak en, misal kte aku terlepas dr maut sekali, then dpt teruskn idop aku, what will i do??
kalo jwpan skema mst r "sy nk jd insan yg baik, duniawi and ukhrawi"
kalo jwpan krg skema, "idop cm bese just jgn wat bnda2 jahat r"
huh?? how bout you guys??

kdg2 dlm kehidupan kte seharian, ade gak kes2 cni, meaning yg dpt 2nd chance to live
for example, those who saved from any accident or those who cured from any illness, all of them actually got a 2nd chance
and it's up to them how to live their life later on
bg org yg melihat, maybe dowg xrase sebagaimana org yg mengalami
aku pn pnh terjadi bnda ni tp aku rse, emm, my life before ad after the incident happen is not really different la
i still live my life like i used to live, maybe rse insaf jap ble teringat incident tu
tp tu la, the incident doesn't really give a big impact to me that's why i'm still like who i am..

like other Final Destination movies, the main character got vision about how the next person gonna die and then try to save them from dead
if this really happen to me, haha, i will be like hell
ye r, tbe2 kte plak dpt vision2 cni and jd keje kte plak kne selamatkn org without even know them
if course la it's generous kn saving people neh tp come to think of it, you actually see your own death!
hmmmm, spooky and scary huh??

p/s ~ entry ni cm agak merapu sket la hahahahaa...

9 puji aku smart:

B E L L A said...

Final destination..
best..nak telalu extremela pembunuhannya. takot. haha.

yaziith su anaz said...

kene tabah abeh ah nak tengok neh.

safri@chaie said...

bes x?? ramai ckp xbape bes..

Just_najmiE said...

citer yg mmg sgt best.. hohoho!!
tp belum tgk.. belum ada kesempatan..
dr 10 bintang, awk nak bg FD4 brapa bintang?..

Judiene said...

Bella ~ pgi la tgk, yg extreme tula part yg plg besh dlm cter neh huhuhuhu..

Yaziith ~ yeahm ur rite. to those faint-hearted mmg kne tabah sehabes-habesnye if tgk cter neh hihihihi

Chaie ~ bley lyn r cte neh tp lbey krg sme ngn FD yg len, huhuhu..

Najmie ~ i give 7 stars to FD4!! heheheee =)

EIPUL said...

nak tengok ar pas ni. hari tu tetido. wakaka

niesz said...

huhu..xtgk lg cite nih..nk tgk!ari tu tgk final destination3 pon da seriau..hihi..
waiting for me!i will watch it!

Ejay said...

sbb tak pernah missed tgk FD yg sblm2 ni, so this time around rasa mcm biasa2 sahaja citer ni..

Judiene said...

Eipul ~ ade ke tetido tgk wayang??huhuhuhu, g r tgk lg, yg 3D kt midvalley :)

Niesz ~ better go and catch it before it's too late hahahaaaa

Ejay ~ ha'ah, cm bese2 je yg latest ni but still seriau tgk pmbunuhan die

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